Technological advances drive many sectors of industry and the security business is no exception. To protect their families, homeowners have been increasingly putting their trust in home automation systems, which allow them to remotely view their homes from anywhere. Homeowners and business owners alike are also expected to invest in motion sensor lighting systems, which can serve as a powerful deterrent to would-be criminals. Hidden cameras – the perennial favorite of every security-conscious individual who harbored childhood dreams of becoming James Bond – have also benefited from considerable technological advancements trending today.

Nanny cams and other covert cameras

For residential and commercial security, installing surveillance cameras in plain sight is one preferred method of warning burglars to stay away. But what if you have suspicions of the trustworthiness of those closest to you? Parents usually can’t be with their children 24/7. Even after a careful vetting process, babysitters and nannies may not always provide the best of care when parents aren’t around to see them.

Parents can turn to “nanny cams” or covert surveillance to gain a clearer understanding of how well their children are taken care of when they are left alone with caregivers. Nanny cams or spy cameras can look just like everyday objects. They can even function like them. Clock radios, smoke alarms, teddy bears, and even USB flash drives have been used to house nanny cams. Parents can even keep their little ones cool with an oscillating fan that is secretly recording the activity in the room.

Appearance and functionality are key features when choosing an appropriate spy cam. But some parents might want added benefits, such as motion sensor technology that prevents the recording of an empty room. Some spy cams only record video, while others record both audio and video.

Deterrent motion sensor lighting

Smart would-be criminals try not to advertise the fact that they’re breaking into a residence or business. They look for easy targets and tend to run away if they suddenly find themselves in the spotlight. Consequently, motion sensor lighting is a smart investment for any homeowner or business owner. Homeowners who previously tried motion sensor lighting, only to find that every errant pet or passing car triggered the lights, can rest assured that the technology has greatly improved. Depending on the model you choose, motion sensor lighting can offer precision control of light duration, sensitivity to motion, and sensitivity to light, which allows you to adjust the lighting to your exact preferences. Perhaps even more impressively, motion sensor lighting has gone green. Environmentally conscious homeowners can have a security professional install solar-powered motion sensor lighting, which can be easily powered up on even the most overcast of days.

Remotely controlled home automation technologies

Home automation technologies, once considered a luxury, have now gone mainstream. With home automation services, forgetful homeowners can check whether they remembered to lock their doors – even after they get to the office. They can also view live surveillance footage of their homes to make sure all is well. With a connection to a smartphone or tablet, home automation technologies grant peace of mind to the traveling homeowner.