dhgateDHGate is a leading China based e-commerce site founded by Diane Wang. Before founding DHGate, Diane Wang sold the joyo.com to Amazon. DHGate is a great e-commerce site for finding all kinds of China made products. The products you will find here are made in China and offered at a low price to customers.DHGate was first launched in 2004 in Beijing, China. When the site was first launched, they only have 10 employees but today they are a big company with more than 1,000 employees. The site was named after the Dunhuang City in China, that serves as a stop to connect the east and west route. Now, DHGate has become the virtual gate for traders around the world.


DHGate is one of the best e-commerce sites with more than 5 millions customers from 220 countries around the world. There are more than 30 millions products in various types of categories including computers, gadgets, electronics, wedding, sports, and garden. To find a product, you simply need to enter the keyword search term into the search box and hit enter. The products you find here are made with high quality materials from factories in China. The qualities of these products are comparable to the branded products in the similar categories.

There is a section called Brand Zone where you can find many top Chinese brands. In the Daily Deals section, you can find products that are heavily discounted. You can browse the deals by navigating around the categories on top. There is a timer on top to let you know how much time is left until the deals in Daily Deals section will expire. In the Stocks in USA section, you will find products that have stock in the warehouse in USA. These products can get shipped to the customers in 2 – 7 days.

If you become a member of the VIP Club, you will get to enjoy several benefits such as discounts, promotional VIP gift and promotional VIP gift. VIP members will also get a faster response of 5 hours instead of 24 hours from the customer support team. As a VIP member, you can escalate to dispute after 3 days instead of 5 days if you couldn’t solve the problem with the seller.

Many sellers often visit this e-commerce site to buy supplies for their shop because of the low price. The sellers at DHGate offer different levels of bulk discounts depending on the order quantity. This is good news for you if you intend to buy a large quantity to sell at your shop. The best part is that all your transactions will be protected with buyer protection. In case you have any problem with the order, you can contact them and they will issue a full refund.

DHGate is backed by a friendly and responsive customer support team. They offer toll free telephone support for customers in the USA and around the world. They also have representatives that respond to customers’ queries on live chat for 24/7. Every single transaction that occurs on DHGate is protected by a secure encryption. They have a detailed FAQ section that provide answers to all frequently asked queries.

In conclusion, DHGate is the best place to shop for any item you have in mind in buying if you have a small budget. You will get a good price especially if you are buying in bulk. This is because most of the sellers at DHGate are wholesale sellers that source their goods directly from the factory.