Features of Call Center Software That You Should Know About

by | Mar 1, 2016 | Technology Featured

Are you into the market to get new call center software for your company? Aren’t you sure about the features that should be included in the software? Are you pretty much confused about the disparity between ACD and IVR? Are you enough eager to know about the evolution of call center software and measure the differences since you bought your solution a decade back? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you’ve clicked on the right blog post. Read on to know the most common call center software features and also a description of each. You can get an insight on how call center software has evolved through years. Here are some of the most common features of contact center software features.

  • Telephony: When it comes to call center software, their main job deals with communication through telephone and hence a call center without telephony is more like a car without wheels. Telecommunications technology is known as telephony and it allows 2 or more than 2 people to communicate. This is called the heart of call center software programs. Most of the call center software offer individual telephony or they even let their customers get their own.
  • Interactive Voice Response: An IVR is a helpful and common call center software feature. It is nothing but a menu system which routes and recognizes callers to the best agent or the department and manages the calling queue by making them listen to the pre-recorded message. Once the representatives are free again, the customers are redirected to them in order to ask their questions and get their desired queries.
  • ACD or Automatic Call Distributor: ACDs usually perform different vital functions and they’re hence considered as the key stone to foundation of a call center. This system routes incoming calls to the best agent possible within the call center office. ACDs also obtain data of usage like number of calls handled; call volume, waiting time, call duration and many such things. They even allow the managers to monitor calls, opt for call conferencing and call barging.
  • Routing based on skills: Skill based routing is vital for a call center which optimizes the service which they offer their callers. Skill-based routing sends calls to particular agents and teams based on the personalized rules. The call center managers assign different kinds of tags to the agents according to their department, expertise area, skill set, language, location and demographics. The respective calls are then routed to respective agents depending on their tags. Skill-based routing is a good way of ensuring that the callers or customers are being routed to the most qualified and trusted agent.

Therefore, if you’re into the market for knowing the features of call center software, you can consider the above mentioned features. All such features can be used during the calling process within the call centers. You just have to be sure about the characteristics of the features.

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