How To Treat a Woman in a Right Way

by | Mar 21, 2016 | Health Featured

How many women have you met? Probably, hundreds. How many of them stayed with you? Still none? Well, maybe because you are not keen on romantic gestures or you just were not their type. However, what if you just don’t know how to treat a woman in a right way? We asked our friends from dating site Maria Dating to tell us a bit about how a real woman likes to be treated! Hope you find this useful and your love life becomes livelier.

  1. Respect her. Being one of the most widespread mistakes, disrespectful approach towards women is the reason why most guys get rejected. Girls love humorous and cheerful men; of course, a part of the female population is excited about bad boys with their intriguing rudeness. This pitiful tendency exists and flourishes. Nevertheless, a great majority of women love men to be courteous and carrying.
  2. Pay attention to her. Why do guys forget about this simple thought? Your attention is valued much higher than perfectly planned dates and presents. A woman has to know she is important – when she speaks, when she has a new haircut done, and so on. Your care and attention mean much more than you think – a girl feels (not knows) that you love her because of these depictions of devotion.
  3. Encourage her. Woman are often not self-confident. They need someone loving to encourage them and help them get through complicated periods and events. This is one of the most important roles in a relationship: we give each other assistance and make each other better people. Aside from basic encouragement, do not forget to inspire her to do things that make her happy! This is quite an eloquent demonstration of your admiration.
  4. Talk to her. Yes, this is one of the most common pitfalls in treating women – you just basically forget to talk to her! No need to make a mountain out of a molehill. What you have to do is a very simple sequence of actions – ask her how her day was, cheer her up, tell her about your day (!) and just keep the conversation going. You obviously have something in common and can find something to talk about. Note: you should never vulgarly criticize her or say demeaning things!
  5. Spend time with her. We are sure you take her on beautiful dates and walk her to a door, take her to the cinema and on evening strolls. All these gestures are necessary. Nevertheless, your romantic “behavior” should be accompanied by a plain pastime together – call her in the evening to tell her something funny about your day, take her to a shopping mall to help you choose a new shirt etc. Note: do not forget about her private space!
  6. Be open to her. Nice and solid relationships have never been built without openness and trust. Hiding your dreams and passions from her is only going to create a divide between you, making it harder to connect as you drift apart. Bridge this gap by talking openly and often. As well, you should be frank about your intentions. From scratch, you ought to tell her what kind of relationships you would like to enter. If you omit that, it can result in a massive disappointment and a sad breakup.
  7. Take an interest in her. Aside from routine talks, you need to find out more about your girlfriend. Her interests, ideas, dreams, and opinions are the things that open her heart and soul. Likewise, you sincere interest will make her feel respected and appreciated. In addition, you need to learn her feelings – it will help you understand when she is angry, upset, anxious etc. You should also try to do things that make her happy based on what she cares about and things that matter to her – that is why you need to know her interests!
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