Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome: Is Your Trip to the Salon Hazardous to Your Health?

by | Apr 29, 2016 | Health Featured

In Florida, a visit to the beauty salon is meant to be a relaxing affair. It’s a way for people to freshen their appearance and enjoy some much needed pampering. For one California woman, her trip to the salon was hazardous to her health because of the hairdresser’s sink.

Is Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome Real?

The first known case of beauty parlor stroke syndrome occurred in 1993. The Journal of the American Medical Association noted five other instances where elderly individuals reported the same symptoms. They all had sustained the same problem caused by a poorly positioned neck during shampooing at the salon. In 2006, another case was noted in Cerebrovascular Diseases. A woman in her early 60s had experienced nausea, vomiting and dizziness after improper positioning during her shampoo. A 48 year old woman from California suffered a stroke two years ago. The reason behind the stroke is the hair wash at the salon. In 2013, the woman visited a San Diego salon for a cut. Upon placing her head backward into the wash basin, her neck was hyper-extended. It appeared that her cervical vertebrae had supposedly cut a neck artery while in that downward position. As a result, a clot formed and caused the woman to have a stroke. While at the salon, the woman’s head felt warm, and she vomited. She also had arm and leg weakness and trouble standing.

Bringing Awareness

It’s been over two years since Elizabeth Smith suffered the stroke. She has gone back to work, but she still suffers dizziness and loss of vision. To protect yourself it’s worth it to secure the assistance of a medical malpractice, personal injury, or car accident attorney in Miami. Car accident lawyers don’t have a lot to do with beauty salons, however they can generally handle liability and personal injury issues, and they’re easy to find.

But who would think Elizabeth Smith would need to file a lawsuit because a salon failed to protect her during her shampoo. She hopes her lawsuit will bring a better awareness to the dangers of hairdresser sinks. This situation may appear worrisome to routine salon patrons. But it appears to be a rare occurrence. You can lessen your risk of neck hyper-extension by checking the sink before leaning back.

Warning Signs

Diseases such as a heart attack, stroke and cancer have certain symptoms, but they can often go ignored. Unfortunately, a stroke can occur at any age. As the third leading cause of death for those in the U.S., it’s important to take note of the warning signs. The top ways to determine if you may be having a stroke is if you’re having difficulties speaking. You may also experience weakness or numbness on a particular side of the body. Dizziness, being unable to walk and loss of balance are other signs. If you’re with an individual who you suspect may be showing signs of a stroke, ask them to smile. If the face appears to droop, it’s a definite sign. You can also ask them to raise their arms and repeat what you say. If they’re unable, call 911

What You Can Do to Cut Your Risk

You can cut your risk for a stroke by controlling certain risk factors. These include high blood pressure, smoking, tobacco usage, obesity, alcohol use, physical inactivity and high cholesterol. To help lessen your risk for beauty parlor stroke syndrome, ask to have a towel propped under head if the bowl fails to provide adequate support. You could also choose to turn over with her face downward looking at the bowl. Don’t hesitate to notify your salon technician if you’re still not comfortable. Time is of the essence if you think you’re having a stroke. It’s best to seek immediate treatment for your symptoms by calling 911.

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