4 Tips for Stellar Retail Signage

by | May 27, 2016 | Business Feature

How to Create Compelling Signs for Your Store

Is your store’s signage helping you to sell, or is it hindering the process? Signage serves a number of different purposes. It tells customers what they’re seeing in terms of products and pricing – but it also has to be compelling enough to persuade them to buy in. This is true no matter what industry you’re in.

Consider the following aspects of creating compelling and attractive retail signage.

  1. Bold Color

Color is one of the most important aspects of branding. Think about some of the most famous brands you know. Almost immediately, a color comes to mind – as with Coke red, McDonald’s yellow, Pepsi blue… you get the idea. Choosing the right colors will tell the world about who you are as a company.

According to one study, 80 percent of recognition of a trademark is based on color. So make sure your colors have staying power. Be careful not to rely too heavily on “trendy” colors. While they may be eye-catching right now, you might find that your signage will cause an eyesore a year from now.

  1. Readable Text

What’s the point of a sign if your customers can’t read it? Make sure your signage incorporates contrast so that the words and images depicted are clearly visible. So instead of pairing, say, a light blue background with medium-gray text, consider a navy blue background with bright white or yellow text – or vice versa. Pairing colors that are too similar will make your sign virtually unreadable.

When it comes to text, bigger is almost always better. If your signs are meant to be visible on the roadside or from a distance, go big and bold with your text. Be sure to use a readable font, as well. While flowery or scripted typeface may look pretty, it may be difficult to read – especially from a distance. If potential customers can’t read what you’re saying, you can bet they’re going to walk away.

A good rule for readability is to add an inch of height for every 10 feet of viewing distance. So if the customer will be viewing the sign from 20 feet away, the letters should be at least three inches tall.

  1. Direct, Persuasive Content

Content creation is a cornerstone of marketing. With signage, you can’t afford to be longwinded. If readers can’t figure out what you’re saying, it doesn’t matter how great your product is – they’re going to move on. It’s up to you to create persuasive sign content that customers can read quickly.

One way to do this is to state the customer’s reason for buying into your product or service. For example, if you sell hair care products, tell customers to “Tame Your Unmanageable Hair” or “Repair Your Damaged Hair and Split Ends” with the items you sell. By incorporating the second person – “you” and “your” – you’ll make them visualize themselves using your products to solve their problems.

Final Thoughts: Test Your Signage

Before you launch your sign for the entire world to see, test it out. Place your sign in your store’s window and step back. Can you read it clearly? Can customers in passing cars understand your message? If the answer is no, then go back to the drawing board.


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