Have you been keeping up with the latest news regarding the markets? If so, you’ll understand that the news goes both ways. There are some good stories sprinkled in with the bad and vice versa. Interest rates could be raised, oil prices are progressively increasing and the NYSE has been hit by a nasty glitch. From a glance, you might seem like you’re in the twilight zone, but those statements have become a reality in May and investors need to take note, in order to minimize their risks. Over the course of several years, the markets have been stopped a few separate times, due to technical glitches. On May the 18th, the NYSE was hit by yet another slowdown.

According to the NYSE spokeswoman, the glitch originated shortly after the market opened this morning. The good news is that the NYSE, as a whole, as not been forced to suspend trading. However, the glitch has impacted approximately 4% of the market tickers or approximately two hundred securities. Graco, OneMain Holding, Townsquare Media, and Agree Realty Corporation are among the stocks that have been suspended temporarily. Although NYSE officials are currently working to rectify the problem, a timeframe has not been placed on a potential fix.

On Tuesday, stocks were hit hard by the Fed’s comments regarding interest rates. On the 18th of May, the markets were able to rebound to some degree. Copper and gold retreated. This is the first time these commodities have experienced a decline within the past four days. Treasuries have plunged and stocks have stabilized. Much of this had to do with the fact that the Fed’s intent to increase interest rates twice this year remains. The value of the United States dollar has also increased, due to the increased cost of borrowing within the United States. Other factors, which have played a role in the rebound, were surprising consumer inflation data and industrial production reports.

Another market driver has undoubtedly been the progressive increase of oil prices. If you’ve been around the markets for long enough, you’ll understand that oil prices play a major role in the performance of stocks. Since the beginning of the year, crude oil prices have increased substantially. The commodity has a 52-week low of right around thirty dollars. Today, it has increased to almost forty-nine dollars and many market analysts believe the price will soar to fifty, by the end of the year. This could very well save many troubled oil companies from bankruptcy.

In General Motors Company’s quest to avoid car rental companies and low-margin fleet deals, it appears that the company will expect a 10% decline in U.S. sales. The company is also working diligently to decrease the distribution of used cars to American dealer lots. These vehicles are dumped by rental firms after about 6-12 months and those could cause a reduction in new car prices.

Another thing to take into consideration is the housing market. The housing market has started to rebound and strengthen. This will undoubtedly decrease the occurrence of the reverse mortgage and could help major retail stores, such as Lowe’s and Home Depot. Despite a rocky start to the year, things are looking good for investors in May.