When Streetwear Becomes the Exclusive Voice of Youth. “Following the Arrow” with Projek Raw

by | May 14, 2016 | Entertainment Feature

Streetwear has evolved from a grassroots movement to a mainstream phenomenon that’s captured the attention of the high fashion world. There are many brands are buying into this new culture, but one in particular that has been doing it for years.  Projek Raw is an established brand geared towards customers ranging in age from the early-twenties to late-thirties that continues to find their niche. Their contemporary streetwear is designed for young urbanites whose pulse beats to the rhythm of the city. They strive to bring new vibrancy and innovation to staples like jeans, tees, and jackets, so that even wardrobe basics have the ability to make a statement.

streetwearStreetwear is becoming so prominent in the world of fashion and culture, that it’s time to look at it as a serious trend. It is often thought of as clothes with cultural references, a loyal fan base following, and popularity among subcultures, but what really defines a successful streetwear brand?

2015 was an interesting time for streetwear and its culture. This was a year in which the traditional rulers of the scene slipped from their place at the top of the table, and were pushed aside by brand new competition, making for some interesting results. Streetwear has always symbolized youth in the fashion world, which is predominately associated with teenagers. Projek Raw is no different. The Canadian-based designer has adhered to the youth movement by creating an innovative style that captures the ideas of its followers.

Many underground brands are often pushed into the bracket of “Streetwear,” but few can keep up with the product demand.  Projek Raw is used to a high flow of product and continues to keep their followers ahead of the curve when it comes to acquiring what they need to show off their innovation.

Projek Raw recently displayed their Fall 2016 collection at the Project Show in Las Vegas and the reception was ‘incredible, fantastic.’ As Streetwear fashions become more prevalent, retailers continue to fall in love with the unique product line and newness that Projek Raw brings to the market.

There is a wide variety of streetwear merchandise available. A massive market for streetwear exists in North America, Europe, and Asia. The key to starting a streetwear label is to designate your niche and be forward-thinking. It’s the little details that sets Projek Raw apart from the rest and pushes them to the brink of world renowned success.

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