AMD aims at Closing the Performance Gap with 7th Gen Chipsets

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Technology Featured

Have you ever used an AMD empowered notebook and complained about the processing speeds? If yes, then things are about to change with the company focusing on its latest lineup of laptop chipsets. Touted as the 7th generation of mobile chips, these entities were recently unveiled at the ongoing Computex— claiming 56 percent of speed improvement as compared to the previous iterations. Older laptop processors did attract a lot of criticism for not living up to the expectations but the newest gen of FX chips from AMD strive for excellence. Most importantly, even the entry-level chipsets from the current lot are 52 percent pacier when compared to the last-gen models.

Intel, currently offers the Core i7 chipset for premium laptops but AMD claims the 7th gen FX chips to be faster by around 53 percent while handling graphics and 51 percent in terms of computing performance. Actually, it was the 7th gen premium FX chips that the AMD fanatics were waiting for.

Similar to most processor upgrades, AMD’s newest family of chipsets readily focuses on power-efficiency. The new FX chips are designed to use less power in comparison to the predecessors by at least 12 percent. That said, even the refurbished A9 chipsets save around 41 percent of power when streaming Showbox videos or playing local Full HD snippets at 1080p. Low-end models form AMD namely A9, E2 and A6 processors have been beefed up with Excavator cores— offering video playback efficiency and an unprecedented performance bump.

Admittedly, the new breed of FX chips is designed to surpass faster clocking speeds with ease. The high-end ‘FX 9830P’ reaches maximum speeds of up to 3.7GHz and a base speed of 3GHz. Even the entry-level E2-9010 chip from the 7th gen of processors clocks at 2GHz in general. AMD’s retouched A9 chipset has also seen an improvement as compared to the older version which was comparable to Intel’s Core i3 processor, in terms of performance. The new A9 processor surpasses the i3 chip from Intel by clocking at 1.5GHz.

AMD hasn’t unveiled the pricing details which might just be as important as the performance. Over the years, laptops with AMD processors persisted with a budget price tag and the company must try to keep the costs in check. As per reports, AMD’s existing partners in Asus, Lenovo, Dell and HP have already started implementing these new FX chipsets into the system layouts. While the Showbox App and Netflix videos might just load instantaneously, affordability can be a serious issue unless the 7th gen chips follow AMD’s existing price chart


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