6 Reasons You Need to Try Wakeboarding This Summer

You’ve probably seen people wakeboarding behind a boat, but have you ever given it a try yourself? Despite the incredible benefits and excitement of wakeboarding, only a small percentage of people have ever given it a try.

Don’t worry…this summer is your chance to reverse this trend.

Give Wakeboarding a Try

Originally called skurfing, wakeboarding rose to prominence in the late 1980s and was eventually renamed to reflect the similarities to the sport’s winter counterpart, snowboarding. In fact, wakeboarding combines various elements of snowboarding, water skiing, and surfing.

If you’re already familiar with one of these sports, then you should find wakeboarding quite easy. Even if you’re totally new to the concept, virtually anyone can pick the sport up in very little time.

Here are a few specific reasons why you need to give wakeboarding a try this summer:

  1. Great Muscle Workout

Wakeboarding is a very core-centric workout. Thanks to the constant push and pull forces involved with the sport, the area between the rider’s knees and ribcage get an incredible workout. But the workout doesn’t stop there. When you start wakeboarding, you’ll also notice that it strengthens your arms, calves, and grip. It really is a full-body workout – especially for beginners who aren’t accustomed to the movements.

  1. Improves Flexibility

In addition to toning muscles and increasing strength, regular wakeboarding can also enhance flexibility in the hands and feet. Depending on the types of tricks and jumps you choose to perform, your feet and hands will have to move in certain ways to avoid injury. The nimbleness that you learn on the water can then be carried over into everyday activities.

  1. Reduces Stress

According to a survey conducted by Discover Boating, boating ranks among the top stress-relieving activities in the world. “More people are finding being out on the water aboard a boat is ideal for stress-relief and relaxation while building long-lasting memories with loved ones,” says Carl Blackwell, CMO for Discover Boating. Combine being on the boat with wakeboarding and you have the ultimate outlet for stress.

  1. Provides Lots of Excitement

When you think of wakeboarding, excitement is one of the first things that comes to mind. After all, you’re gliding on top of the water and cutting in and out of the wake behind a boat that could be going in excess of 23 mph. That’s enough to raise the heart rate of even the most even keeled individual.

While a fall can hurt, the injury risks associated with wakeboarding aren’t super high. This means riders get a lot of excitement without the dangers typically associated with high-action sports.

  1. Yields an Array of Health Benefits

The health benefits of wakeboarding are numerous. In addition to the ones mentioned above, wakeboarding also improves reaction times and versatility, produces better hand-eye coordination, improves mental concentration, and more. In other words, it’s more beneficial and fun to get your exercise in on a wakeboard than a treadmill.

  1. Encourages Social Bonding

Wakeboarding is a sport that kids and adults can enjoy together. If you’re looking for a way to bond with your children this summer, wakeboarding is a great option that will allow you to meet them on their level.

Enjoy the Benefits of Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding isn’t just a sport for teenage boys who have an itch to stretch their limits and do something exhilarating. This sport can be enjoyed be people of all ages and skillsets. If you haven’t tried wakeboarding yet, now is the time to give it a shot.

Invest in some lessons this summer or have a more experienced friend teach you the ropes. You’ll pick it up in no-time!