As we get older, it takes more work to keep our brains and our bodies in shape. Exercise and brain puzzles have helped me stay sharp, but I was curious to find more, perhaps better, ways of staying in shape, both physically and mentally. I recently tried Revolutioner, a website that creates soundtracks to stimulate the brain, and, I have to say, it has been a huge boon to my self-improvement goals. The science behind it is fascinating!

How does it work?

The brain is made up of millions of cells called neurons that communicate with each other through electrical pulses called brainwaves. There are different types of brainwaves that are associated with different mental states, such as relaxation, deep sleep, or learning. Scientists have found that when you hear certain types of beats, your brainwaves synchronize with them. This synchrony was discovered by a Dutch scientist all the way back in 1656! The Revolutioner soundtracks use these beats to “train” your brain to produce whichever brainwaves are needed in a specific situation. For example, if you have trouble concentrating, when you are about to tackle a difficult task, your brain will learn to produce beta brainwaves, which help you focus. If you are having trouble sleeping, your brain will learn that when it is time for bed, it needs to produce delta brainwaves, which are associated with deep sleep.These soundtracks can give you a competitive edge by increasing your energy, helping you focus, and making it easier to concentrate on difficult tasks. Here are some examples of the many benefits:

Improved energy and athletic performance

Most of my friends reported a pretty profound boost in energy and athletic performance after listening to the soundtracks. I’m no slouch myself, but I could always stand to work out more, and I gotta say, this has done wonders to push me. It’s even helped motivate some of my less active friends. One has lost a significant amount of weight already, just because she is more motivated to go to the gym regularly! Another friend is a track runner, so she is already really active, but she has said that the soundtracks make her difficult days more bearable and help her “push through.”

Less depression, stress, and anxiety

Like so many people today, I have struggled with all three of these, and depending on many factors, I could have a great day or a miserable one. I like to listen to the soundtracks on my Amazon Echo while I lie in bed, and while my depression still pops up here and there, I have been much more able to manage it. My stress and anxiety levels are down too, which ironically is what gave me the motivation to even write this review!

Improved work ethic 

I work as a freelance writer for a newspaper, which gives me a lot of freedom. However, this freedom means that it is easy for me to make excuses for myself, because I don’t have a boss to hold me accountable! If I don’t feel like writing, I do not have to. If I have enough money, I can find myself putting off work. The truth is, sometimes I just did not have the energy to work at a consistent pace, which ultimately proved harmful to my job prospects. Thankfully, not only have I been able to be more productive in my freelance work, I have also experienced a renewed interests in my hobbies, such as photography. The soundtracks have also really helped my friends who are students to stay focused on their studies, which helps them perform better in their classes.

Increased self-control

I am a pretty sober person – no drugs whatsoever. No marijuana, cigarettes, alcohol, or anything. My friends, however, are a different story. Some are content with their drug usage; others are not. One friend in particular has a pretty serious drinking problem that I have been trying to help her overcome. She has tried to quit so many times, but it is always a matter of time before she relapses. I actually discovered the Revolutioner software while looking for solutions to her problem. So far she has made great strides along the road to recovery, and while Revolutioner is not a replacement for a medical treatment program, it certainly seems to be helping her recovery.

Fewer restless nights

Now this is something I can attest to personally! My hours are very inconsistent, and I often need to stay up late or get up early on short notice. It can get… just a bit stressful. Lately, however, I have been more able to stick to a consistent sleep schedule, and on days where I don’t get a full night’s sleep, I am not filled with seething hatred for the world and its inhabitants!

Improved cognitive abilities

Of course, I saved the best for last.The puzzles I use to keep my brain in shape are now even easier than they once were – I am an avid Sudoku player, and I solve puzzles in half the time now. The only downside is that I now do not get the same thrill from solving a difficult Sudoku puzzle!

If this sounds like something that would benefit you, I would definitely recommend you at least give the website a once-over here. I doubt you will regret it.