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It’s incredible to think that the hugely successful movie vampire franchise ‘Twilight’ said goodbye to fans 4 years ago after first introducing us to the unusual love between iconic couple Bella and Edward way back in 2008. But even though author Stephenie Meyer’s adapted franchise ran its course, enjoying phenomenal success along the way, it has been the ideal launching pad for many of its young casts future acting careers. So now that all the vampiric and lycanthropic action is all done and dusted what have the cast of ‘Twilight’ been up to?


The far too often sour-faced star of ‘Twilight’ made her name as Bella in the fantasy saga and has since gone on to land a number of starring roles including her part in fairytale action epic ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ in 2012. Unfortunately her off-screen partnership with ‘Twilight’ co-star Robert Pattinson was thrown into question when reports where that she had been cheating on him with ‘Snow White’ director Rupert Sanders which resulted in the abrupt ending to their partnership. Although recent reports seem to be suggesting that the couple may be looking to rekindle things after being spotted out and about in each others company.


Edward Cullen was quite frankly every teenage girl’s undead wet dream for years and so it could have been very easy for British actor Robert Pattinson to continue to carve out a resume of clean-cut heartthrob typecasting. However Robert chose a different direction and although his role selections have lost him a number of fans who followed him fanatically throughout his ‘Twilight’ days he has gained more respect in the industry by choosing edgier and more artistically rewarding parts than simply relying on respect and admiration from Twihards. With more off-the-wall roles in David Cronenberg’s ‘Cosmopolis’ and ‘Maps to the Stars’  as well as a major part in Werner Herzog’s biography drama ‘Queen of the Desert’. He’ll next be seen alongside a number of other British stars in James Gray’s ‘The Lost City of Z’, which tells the tale of legendary British explorer Percy Fawcett.


The franchise has helped inspire plenty of TV shows, movies, games such as the online slot offering Immortal Romance and parodies but incredible success doesn’t necessary guarantee that the decent roles will come flooding in. Taylor Lautner played one third of the divisive love triangle between Jacob Black, Edward and Bella which spanned most of the series and even though Bella ended up picking the sparkly vampire instead of man’s best friend team Jacob still drew a respectable following. However for Lautner it’s been a different story as the work seemingly dried up following his ‘Twilight’ stint. With just a handful of lesser movie roles to his name since his ‘Twilight’ appearance the 24-year old is doing his best to keep himself busy. He did recently appear in a 3rd season of popular British sitcom ‘Cuckoo’, an original comedy vehicle for Andy Samberg, and with work as sparse as it is no doubt he’ll be back next year for a fourth run.

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