What Dads Really Want for Father’s Day

by | Jun 6, 2016 | Health Featured

What Do Guys Really Want for Father’s Day?

With Father’s Day just a few weeks away, it’s time to begin thinking about gift ideas. Your dad has done a lot for you, and he deserves something a little better than a “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug. This year, get him what he really wants.

Contrary to popular belief, most Dads don’t want another tie, a classy shirt, or a tool to put in the garage. Those are all items that he likes to purchase for himself. Most dads would prefer a simple but memorable gift that they normally wouldn’t purchase for themselves. As Father’s Day looms closer and closer, consider this list of items to purchase for your father instead of a plain, lackluster gift.

Something That Other Dads Don’t Have

Unique, oddity, and specialty gifts hold a special place in dads’ hearts. This isn’t to say that you should go out and buy the most bizarre gift that you can find. Look for something that’ll be useful and will stand out.

Pocket watches, for example, can serve as a specialty item that carries a lot of meaning. They have a long and interesting history, and they make the perfect heirloom to pass down to one’s kids. Appropriate gag gifts, a monogrammed item, or a customized car accessory can also hit the spot for your dad this Father’s Day.

  1. Age-Appropriate Jewelry

Younger dads won’t say no to a ring or to a plain, high quality chain to put around their necks. If you’re not sure what kind of jewelry your dad would prefer, stick with a watch. These are popular among dads of all ages.

  1. Accessories to Go With His Home Bar

If your dad is the kind of man who can’t go to sleep at night without a nightcap from his home bar, some accessories to go with his hobby will be more than welcome. Take stock of what he already has, and then look into getting him items like a fancy corkscrew or bottle opener.

A “chilsner corksicle” is also an appreciated gift. It’s essentially a long, narrow, reusable ice cube that won’t melt into the drink, but will keep it cold from the first to last sip.

  1. Food-Related Gear

Cookbooks, cooking utensils, grill accessories, and food will be more than welcome for the foodie dad. Look for a unique cookbook that specializes in a specific food group such as meats, bacon, cakes, or vegetables. A grill cleaning kit or a unique new kitchen utensil can also make a great gift.

  1. A Subscription to a Cool Service

Monthly subscription businesses are extremely popular right now, particularly for dads who hate to shop. Never make him go to the store again by signing him up for subscriptions like Dollar Shave Club, Amazon Pantry, and Gentleman’s Box, which package up select goods that dads love and send them right to his door.

  1. The Latest Tech

More and more fathers, particularly those under 50, are closely watching the latest innovations in technology. From tablets to fitness gear to smart home accessories, any gadget that makes life easier would make an excellent Father’s Day gift.

  1. Nothing At All

When asked what they really want for Father’s Day, most dads say that they don’t want a gift of monetary value. Instead, they want time to spend with their families without interruptions. Some of the most popular gift suggestions that these dads make include going for a hike, sleeping in, watching sports all day long, cozying up for a movie with the family, and eating a home cooked meal. Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to please the man who sacrificed so much to see you happy.



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