5 Great Apps for Small Business Money Management

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Financial Featured

If you own a small business, you know how much headache finance management brings. Well, if your business in one or another way is connected with accounting niche, then everything is not so difficult for you, but if your business is connected with the creativity, design and so on, then probably the last thing you want to do is make all the complicated calculations.

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Fortunately, today we have applications not just for fun, but for many other important things also. There are handy apps which can save you time and money and make your way to successful business ownership easier and shorter. Check out these tools and stay on top of your finances!


Finally it happened: you’ve checked online installment loans from direct lenders and started own business. Everything may seem interesting until the first expense report you need to make. It’s hard to find someone who likes transcribing unclear writings from the receipts to Excel tab. Fortunately, you can easily avoid all that by using Expensify application. All you have to do is make a photo of the receipt and then the app will do its job and convert it into a good-looking formatted report. Businesses pay $5 per person for submitting expenses monthly after 2 free trial accounts when individuals have a free access to the application.


You know well that it takes money to make money. While bringing you revenue, your business has expenses you have to cover. All the time you have to compare spending to the profit you get and that can be a complicated calculation because you have to keep in mind such details as an advertisement, annual insurance and paying for the necessary permits. That’s why it can be hard to control your business’s health and keep the business growing. But that’s where InDinero can help you out! Just pull in the information from your credit card and bank accounts, and the application will inform you concerning your business’s financial state. Moreover, you’ll know not only about the current condition, but also you’ll get forecasts and budget tips.


The same as making expense reports, managing invoices is a lot of hassle. You create and receive them, so it can be hard to keep everything in a comfortable format. FreshBooks automates various steps of the process and saves you time for other important things. The greatest thing about this platform is that it works together with apps like Expensify and InDinero so it makes your life and job so much easier! This app is especially popular among small business owners having up to 50 employees.


If your business/product is in any way connected with an online subscription, then you definitely have to pay attention to Chargify. Thanks to this app you can manage coupons, special offers, check an expiration date of a deal and renew deadlines when it’s necessary. When you have numerous consumers, it can be hard to manage all of that yourself, so this app will save enough of your precious time.


Doing taxes is such a thing which is always associated with a headache. The process can be very confusing and complicated, so you take every chance to put off thinking of it and, actually, doing it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help because sooner or later you understand that you can’t put off this task anymore and that’s when stressful times come. Teaspiller will not turn doing taxes into a funny process you’ll enjoy, but it will help a lot by connecting you with tax professionals. They’ll be selected based on your special business needs and help you will useful advice so it will make the whole process easier.

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