Chinese Tourism Springs To New Record

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Travel Featured

While the tourism industry within the United States has been hit with several setbacks, China’s tourism has continued to boom. Leaders of the country have decided to team up with Ethiopia to try and drive more tourists to their countries, while enhancing their economies. From April to June of 2016, China saw a major increase in the number of tourists visiting their country. According to recent figures, the number of crossings made from Mainland China to locations outside of Greater China soared to 18 million, which equates to a 12.5% from the previous year. Unfortunately, those traveling from Mainland China to Greater China slowed. This numbers dropped 3.7%.

Nonetheless, the overall number of tourists flocking to book flight tickets to China increased by 4.32% over the previous year. And, the country has decided to team up with Ethiopia to push the numbers even higher. The two countries have agreed to cooperate in terms of tourism. During the year of 2015, China saw outbound numbers rise to 120 million and the Chinese government would like to send a large quantity of these tourists directly to Ethiopia. Hospitality and tourism sectors have grown tremendously within Ethiopia over the past few years and most of the companies benefiting from the boost has been of Chinese origin. By working with Ethiopia now, China and their companies will be able to benefit in the future.

The government of Ethiopia has already begun providing various incentives to tourists and hopes this will increase tourism and foreign investments over the coming years. Despite the economy of China started to slow, tourists have refused to stop visiting the country! During the previous years, tourist incomes in Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan, and Guangdong increased substantially. Eastern provinces brought in the most tourism revenue last year and accounted for approximately 46% of the country’s entire tourism profit. Meanwhile, the northeastern region of the country only equated to 6.83% of the total tourism revenue. And, this has not been impacted, by China’s recent decision to ban tourists, who behave badly during their visit to the country.

China recently opened up the world’s longest and highest glass-bottom bridge. This bridge is driving tourists from around the world to China, because everyone wants an opportunity to witness this amazing creation in person. It spans 430 meters over a valley, hanging from two cliffs, with a depth of 300 meters. Thousands of tourists have already visited the Zhangjiajie Park, where the bridge is located. Many have taken their time to share their experience with others that have not had this wonderful opportunity. Even though the extensive walk has left many visitors with trembling knees and an upset stomach, many admit that they would have not missed this opportunity for nothing.

Those that suffer from acrophobia (fear of heights) will not dare step one foot on this bridge. The glass-bottom bridge will not only serve as a tourist landmark, but it will also become the main of focus of the world’s highest bungee jump event. Designers are hoping to turn the bridge into a fashion runway, but will the models be able to maintain their focus and balance, whilst ignoring the depths below? Some witnesses have reported seeing a few visitors attempt the glass walkway, but only return in few minutes’ grief stricken and panicky. This tourist attraction has definitely drawn attention from all angles and it continues to draw tourists worldwide.

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