How Coworking Spaces Can Improve Your Business

by | Aug 7, 2016 | Business Feature

Did you know that coworking spaces can actually improve your business’ level of success?There are many advantages to this type of work environment over private offices that most business owners are unaware of.Today more employees are working from home than ever before.While this does have a number of advantages, there are additional considerations to make when laying out how you will run your business.One thing to consider using is coworking spaces which can be more cost effective than traditional offices.Coworking spaces are quickly rising in popularity as they have a unique set of advantages all their own.

Increased Self Confidence of Employees

Many business owners do not realize that work from home employees often lack the self-confidence needed to reach their true potential.When an employee has higher self-confidence in their work, they are more likely to have better levels of performance.The coworking space can be a great place to breed self-confidence in your employees.They can easily see how they measure up against their competitors and this can aid them in trying new things that can really have a big impact on your business.In addition to being able to see what others are doing, employees working in a coworking space often feel that they have more support.

Improved Networking

In addition to making employees feel more self-confident, you can improve their ability to network with coworking spaces.This means that your employees can bounce ideas off of one another or share information that will help make them more successful as a team.Not only do the individuals have an advantage, but the business does as well because with team work comes greater productivity.

Increased Productivity

Many employees do not feel that they are secure or appreciated.Employees that work from home often fear that their position could end at any time.While this might seem like it would give them reason to perform better, the stress seems to hinder their ability to have the highest level of performance.When these employees move to a coworking setting they begin to feel that their work is more meaningful which leads to better performance.Former office employees have a harder time adjusting to the new environment.Once they adjust, research shows that their productivity increases as well.

Save Money

Running a business can be very costly.It can be hard to determine how to best house your employees while allowing them to reach their true potential.Having individual offices can seem like the right answer, but for small businesses or new businesses it might not be affordable.Having employees work from home seems like the solution to the issue with cost, but employees can have lower productivity when working from home. Coworking spaces are a great solution to both issues and actually result in higher productivity which means that they are a win/win for business owners.

Breaking Misconceptions About Coworking Spaces

Even though coworking spaces often seem like the right choice for business owners, they are often met with opposition from employees.The problem is that employees have huge misconceptions about what these spaces are.

Coworking Spaces Are Not Shared Offices

Many employees think of with coworking spaces as shared offices.They think that this is a way for businesses to save money and that they are going to have someone in their way.Instead it can be a great way to improve teams and help employees to increase their individual productivity by adopting to ideas and practices of other employees.

Coworking Spaces Are for More Than Start-Ups and Freelancers

Nearly every business can take advantage of coworking spaces.For too long these spaces have related to start-ups and freelancers.Even well established businesses can find improved employee relations and working conditions.

Coworking Can Work Anywhere

Another huge misconception is that coworking is only for those businesses which are in the city.Even small town businesses can take advantage of the improvements that come with this environment.

Employees Will Have Enough Space

So many employees worry that if they are coworking, they won’t have enough personal space.Most coworking areas have quiet zones or special spaces for employees to go when they need their time alone.

Coworking Doesn’t Have to Be Noisy

Finally, coworking does not have to be noisier than offices.Simple rules of respect and etiquette can keep coworking areas quiet enough to get work done.

While coworking might not be right for everyone, it is an environment that seems to be better for the majority of workers and companies.There are manyadvantages for both the business and their employees.

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