Even though the gaming world itself has in more recent times become a rich source of inspiration for various big screen adaptations there has also been a number of memorable and not so memorable movies which have ultimately been turned into console games, apps and even casino games. Europalace, as well as many other casino sites, use this influence and fanbase to generate customers for its games. Europalace’s casino games for example can include anything from Tomb Raider slots to Twilight themed slots. Many movie efforts made their way onto the Game Boy, the classic Nintendo handheld gaming device, during the early 90’s but which other classic features also deserved a shot?



There have been many horror gaming efforts over the years but mostly due to the subject matter or the concepts themselves they haven’t always been the best and most suitable material source for potential movie to video game adaptation. A couple of years back CineFix created their very own 8-bit version of the Oscar winning horror ‘Silence of the Lamb’ but sadly back in 1991 it didn’t make it to the Game Boy and players were left without their chance to face the terrifying Hannibal Lecter on their small green-tinted screen.


Director Tim Burton was on top kooky form in 1990 when he released his darkly unusual fantasy drama ‘Edward Scissorhands’. This Frankenstein-like tale which starred a young Johnny Depp in the title role wasn’t given the Game Boy treatment but we think it would have been the perfect platform fodder to draw from. Imagine Eddie running around town cutting hair and trimming hedges as he went for bonus points. We’d certainly play.


You may think a game that is simply going to consistently repeat itself will quickly become particularly boring for the player. But imagine it as a platformer puzzle game that meant you couldn’t really die at all. There are no lives to speak of and if you do find yourself in an unfortunate death-related situation you simply start all over again in bed as the alarm goes off.


It was without a doubt for its time an incredibly influential mystery crime thriller that kept you guessing right to the very end even up to its extremely shocking conclusion. It was a thoroughly entertaining project from famed director David Fincher but due to its graphic nature it would have been an unusual choice for Nintendo to adapt. Even though the movie-based plot itself would have been fairly difficult to translate to a gaming platform, especially for those who had already seen the film, the concept of a “deadly sins” killer could have very easily have been snapped up for a thrilling puzzler.