The Latest Technologies In Online Gaming

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Technology Featured

In the past, video games were mostly played in isolation. It was you against the machine. The Internet has changed all that. Now games can be played online and turned into a social experience. This has made the activity even more fun for long-time players. It has also enticed more people to try things out. There are more titles to choose from than ever before. The public is always on the lookout for the newest craze so that they can be part of the conversation. Online gaming is also benefiting from an influx of technologies that constantly add excitement.

Online Gambling

Gambling is one industry that has been revolutionized by the Internet. People no longer had to travel far just to play their favorite games and win big jackpots. They can now do so in the comfort of their own home without compromising the experience. Other people from all over the world can log in and take a spot at the same table. You could be playing with someone in another state or another country. The reliable classic games will be there for you to enjoy whenever you want. If you get the itch, test your skill with video poker at Royal Vegas and you will feel part of the Royal Vegas community of which loads of people are trying to get pocket aces or four of a kind while trying to make a small fortune.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality is a combination of the digital with physical world. It provides people with a new way to interact with the environment. Pokemon Go is the best example of this. We go about the city and then we see graphics superimposed on our screen. Suddenly we have a monster to catch near a bench, a fountain, or a statue. Our reality was augmented by technology, enabling us to play in an entirely different way. Virtual reality is closely related to this. This provides a deeper immersion to a digital world through the use of an eyepiece.

Toys-to-Life Interaction

Another trend is the use of toys as game controllers. Gamepads, joysticks and keyboards are able to do their job well. They allow us to manipulate vital elements within a game to achieve our missions. However, they don’t provide a realistic experience. Pushing a button is far from swinging a sword. The use of a Nintendo Wii controller creates a better feel in this regard. Other companies are also testing real objects that can be transported into a game such as miniature toy cars that can be used for in-game racing. They are equipped with NFC technology to communicate with the console.

In-game Social Networking

Social networking will continue to be integrated into games to provide a feeling of community among participants. This has proven to be effective at increasing retention and satisfaction. For example, online bingo halls encourage chatting which members enjoy. Minecraft lets friends collaborate on projects using tools within the program itself. These kinds of social interactions will only expand with time. They reduce feelings of isolation. Players want to leverage the power of the Internet to connect with others both to improve the chances of success and to nurture lasting friendships.

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