When people speak about home décor, renovation, construction, etc., they tend to forget the bathroom, which is one of the most important rooms in a house. This room plays a very important role and helps us in our day to day activities. It is a place where you can relax and rewind. This room ought to be decorated well and by that it does not mean that you need good lighting and colours, it means that the whole bathroom suite should be chosen in a wise manner.

The best option for a bathroom suite is to choose between the contemporary bathroom suite and the traditional one. Given below are details of both bathroom suite styles along with the names of celebrities using them. You can read and then decide.

Traditional Bathroom Suites

The celebrities who have converted their bathrooms to traditional bathroom suites are: Cher who has an Indian Maharajah Palace style bathroom suite, Naomi Watts, Jamie Theakston, Mick Norcross, Adele, Kate Winslet and Taylor Swift to name a few.

The beauty of traditional bathrooms is because it takes you back into a different era. You can have you bathroom designed in the Victorian or Edwardian style. Freestanding tubs and antique cabinets will give the retro look that you so desire. Colours are usually white and the accessories have a rounded finish mostly. This type of design for your bathroom will appeal to one and as it is timeless and classic.

Contemporary Bathroom Suites

The celebrities who have converted their bathrooms to contemporary bathroom suites are: John Legend, Madonna, Phil Neville, Will Ferrell, Ellen DeGeneres etc.

Contemporary bathroom suites use the latest in technology and provide minimalistic design. The ends of all the accessories are usually angular and this gives it a modern look. Contemporary designs may not include tubs, but the suites will include the latest mixers and basins. This style is for the modern design enthusiast.

Which Style Should One Choose:

If you are not sure of what to choose between the traditional bathroom suite and the contemporary bathroom suite then you need to sit down and write down the reason for designing your bathroom, whether it is for you or for someone else, whether you want the bathroom to be a style statement, whether you are looking at it as a place for peace and privacy. Once you write the answers to these you will know which bathroom suite to choose for your home.

So where can you buy the best bathroom suite for your home? Well the answer is research. There are many websites such as Bella Bathrooms that sell both traditional and contemporary bathroom suites along with many accessories. You can go to each website and check the price range and get an idea of what you can expect. Also there are many magazines and websites that list the best celebrity bathrooms and by going through them you can ascertain what your favourite celebrity is using and you can design your bathroom accordingly.

Finally, it is not a question of just design, you need to understand that you are going to spend some time every day in the bathroom, so do not just go for style, go for something that has style and is also utilitarian.