For the longest time, Americans have found ways to supplement their diet for added health, vitality and energy. The particular products used have changed from generation to generation – with some being more realistic and beneficial than others – but the overall goals for those who take them are the same. A multi-billion dollar supplements industry provides millions of Americans with supplements that help everything from eyesight and arthritis to digestion and mental focus. We are beginning to see yet another sea-shift in which particular supplements people are taking on a daily basis. What’s changing? Continue reading to find out what the most popular supplements are today.


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The Old Standbys

One encouraging note regarding supplements is that just as many people are taking supplements today as in previous years. However, what they prefer specifically continues to change. It has been commonplace for Americans to purchase and consume various individual vitamins and minerals, with the desired benefits focused on one specific area. Additionally, and as reported by Legion Athletics, a wide variety of substances like garlic, Echinacea and ginseng extracts are now being left behind in favor of newer supplements. These old standbys have been used by generations of Americans for various reported health benefits, yet many appear ready to kick them to the curb. If demand for these is falling but usage rates remain the same, then what are people using in lieu of these?

The New Supplements of Choice

A widely popular supplement that wasn’t commonly consumed in the past is Vitamin D. The body’s production of Vitamin D can affect everything from teeth and bones to your mood and immune system, according to ample research. Another huge hit in the supplements market are omega-3 fatty acids, which promote healthy cell development and longevity. Another popular supplement can come in the form of a pill or in the food you eat. Probiotics, which help to encourage better digestive health, have exploded in popularity over the past few years. You’ve undoubtedly seen at least one of these supplements being promoted via television, email, social media or some other form of advertising. Probiotics in the form of drinks are also very popular with consumers. However, perhaps the most important question is: “do they really work?”

Effectiveness of New Supplements

With regard to substances such as Vitamin D, there is ample research that shows the consumption of Vitamin D is a beneficial daily action that can potentially add years to your life. Omega-3 fatty acids have many notable benefits, such as an anti-depressant effect, positive effects on blood pressure, and protection against diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. With probiotics, digestive efficiency is improved, the immune system is boosted, and several other ailments – such as inflammatory bowel conditions and urinary tract infections – can be minimized or treated effectively through their use.

As more and more information becomes available, Americans are making informed choices about the next wave of supplements. Leave us a reply below, telling us about your preferred supplements.