Exploring The Therapeutic Benefits Of Owning An Emotional Support Animal

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Health Featured

An emotional support animal or ESA is an animal that provides companionship to individuals, who suffer rom psychiatric and mental disorders. The animal can range from a cat to a miniature pony. Mental disorders can be disability in most cases, especially if the case is extremely severe. ESAs are not specially trained to assist with actions that cannot be performed by someone with a physical disability. This type of animal is known as a “service animal”, but this does not necessarily mean that the ESA is any less important.


Social Interaction

The Dogtor can assist individuals with getting their emotional support animal referrals. The Dogtor online website will also provide assistance with medical examinations for ESAs. It is extremely important to keep your animal healthy and immunized. Many individuals that suffer from mental issues will oftentimes isolate themselves from others. Living an isolated lifestyle is not the best answer for these individuals, because they genuinely need someone to talk to. The ESA will take over this role, since animals are great companions and confidants. You can basically tell them anything and they will listen wholeheartedly.

Physical Contact

ESAs have a way of calming mentally ill individuals down, when they are extremely upset. The animal just being there by your side is very calming. Physical contact is something that everyone desires, whether it is with a human or animal. The act of rubbing on the animal’s coat will offer a calming feeling. The animal will also enjoy the attention, so both are receiving affection from the emotional experience. Physical contact reduces a human’s glucocorticoid response, which in turn will reduce stress and anxiety.

Keeping Active

All animals require a substantial amount of exercise. Mentally ill individuals tend to stay at home, sitting on the couch transfixed on their problems. If you are having difficulty finding a veterinarian for your ESA, be sure to check out the Dogtor online reviews. Well, when you have an animal to take care of, you will need to take him/her for walks. This physical activity will keep you and the animal healthy and this is not to mention the grooming process. Grooming an animal requires a lot of upper body strength. Walking and grooming will provide you with a tremendous amount of physical activity, which is required to keep your body in great condition.

Providing Consistency

Dogtor ESA reviews is a very informative website that provides assistance to owners. The dogtor online reviews website offers a wide range of services to all pet owners. Owning an animal means that you will have consistency in your life. Consistency is important, because it gives individuals something to look forward to. Animals also like consistency and appear to have internal time clocks to remind them when to perform specific activities. You will need to set a schedule that suits both you and your animal. There should be allotted time for each activity, so you do not feel rushed, just enjoy every second you have with your wonderful companion. Your ESA will join you on your daily adventures outside, whether it is to the grocery store or library. Federal laws protect ESAs, giving owners more flexibility.




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