Becoming a parent changes everything; from the way you spend your time to the types of things that you worry about, nothing is ever the same once that bundle of joy arrives in your life. Indeed, your stress levels have probably shot through the roof even thinking about becoming a parent, while a myriad of safety concerns that you’d never even considered before suddenly become something of an obsession.

How are you going to render your home a germ-free zone? Have you hidden all of the sharp objects and covered all hard surfaces in something squashier? What happens when your child finally conquers walking and decides four walls just aren’t good enough anymore?

Parenthood is a constant journey into the unexpected; as soon as you’ve got to grips with one set of rules type of behavior something else raises its ugly head and throws you off course again. We’ve compiled a few tips to ensure that your safety concerns are addressed, and don’t dominate babyhood.


Bringing home baby for the first time is likely to be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences you’ll go through as a new parent, regardless of how prepared you think you are. At first glance babies are incredibly tiny and helpless, although trust us when we say they’re more resilient than you might think.

Being prepared is a huge part of keeping your baby safe, particularly when it comes to sleeping arrangements, nursery furniture, and travel. Firstly, ensure your car is kitted out with the correct travel seat, and always follow its installation instructions carefully.

Next, create safe sleeping environment for your baby; keep baby’s crib or cot away from any windows or sources of heat, restrict the number of soft toys that will inhabit the bed, use sleeping bags rather than heavy blankets, and dress your child in light clothes each bedtime.

Experts recommend placing a baby on its back each time it goes to bed, and to refrain from smoking around your baby; while no one can say exactly why SIDs occurs, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to potential contributing factors.

Finally, keep your child’s cot free of bumpers and pillows, always keep blind cords and appliance cables out of reach, and never leave your child unattended on their changing table, even if you’re only darting across the room to fetch another diaper.

Learning to crawl and starting to stand

Just when you thought it was safe to turn your back your child has learned how to crawl, and is steadfastly trying to stand; yet another list of safety concerns has started to raise its ugly head. Maintaining a safe environment for your child means staying one step ahead at all times, so try and counter each issue before it has a chance to arise.

For example, restrict access through certain doorways, and to the stairs, with a securely placed stair gate, and always cover open fireplaces with a guard; your baby should have plenty of places to explore without getting into danger. Apply sticky pads to sharp edges and corners to protect your little one’s head, use socket covers, and always keep cupboards secured with latches that can’t be opened by little fingers.

Now is also the time to secure furniture to the walls, if possible, to keep all small objects, electrical items and breakables out of reach, and to employ the use of plastic, rather than glass, wherever possible. Your child may be starting to wean right about now too, so serve lunch items in manageable chunks and never leave your little one unattended around food.

Toddling and beyond

It’s only natural that your child is going to want to explore the world around them, and learning to walk is a huge part of that adventure. However, it’s still incredibly important to be vigilant around the home, and to teach your child about aspects of outdoor life, including road safety, stranger danger and how to stay safe around water.

Reigning that toddler in can be difficult once they’ve set their sights on something interesting, + Add New Category so investing in a backpack harness can be hugely beneficial; they’ve a number of safety features that are going to allow your child to roam freely, while staying close enough to avoid any incidents, plus they’re incredibly useful in terms of storage space.

It’s only natural for parents to worry about every tiny issue that raises its head, but it’s also important for new moms and dads to enjoy every moment, and to learn to let go once in a while. It would be so easy for new parents to become caught up in safety concerns and forget that their little one is only small for so long; with a little forward planning, though, it’s perfectly possible to enjoy babyhood and toddlerhood.