A long time ago – early 2000s, off-the-page links were heavily used in determining how popular or over the top SEO your website could be. Links were used as ‘votes’ to determine how high up the search engines would rank a website or a blog. This led to unscrupulous persons and businesses using links inappropriately.

It was not uncommon to find a pet food website with borehole or lingerie links or something that was totally unrelated. Of course, the more the links you had the higher your page or website would appear in the search engines.

As you know from experience, rarely will you ever bother to look what websites lie in the second page leave alone the third in the search engine result pages (SERPs). By extension, people were getting unsolicited information which threatened the reliance of the internet.

What is link building?

Simply put, link building is the process of getting hyperlinks from other websites and blogs to your own. A hyperlink which is normally shortened to ‘link’ is a way through which internet users are able to navigate between websites online.

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo use links to ‘crawl’ the internet so as to give internet users relevant content as and when necessary. The search engines spend a lot of time crawling links between related web pages, websites and the entire internet.

When you are able to put high-quality hyperlinks on your website, you can rest assured that your web page will be over the top SEO; that is if everything else about your website is great.  Further reading of www.overthetopseo.com will help you get a better incite on the subject.

The difference between quantity and quality link building

People and businesses use quality link building when they just want to fill a certain quota or purpose. While using this approach, you will be required to determine a certain area which you will employ the links.

You will then be needed to search for blogs and websites which meet some basic standards that commensurate well with your business and website content. In this approach, you will get links to numerous websites. However, the results are more in the average range than spectacular.

When it comes to quality link building, Domain Authority matters more than the number of links your website gets. You will be required to look for the ideal leaders in your industry or target industry where you want your backlinks to appear.

A good example would be like getting backlinks on Amazon, eBay, Facebook, or a leader in business. It is obviously hard to land such a link and you are likely to only get five of such websites that are willing to have your links on their web pages. In business, diversity, conception and consideration  are the driving force today and it is increasingly proving to be critical that we go with quality rather than quantity.

Why is quality link building critical for your website

Ordinarily, when we want to receive a professional opinion like how we should build our homes or determine what is wrong with our bodies when sick, we seek the opinion of experts. We would rather consult three experts on a subject than ask 100 people on the streets on any subject. Such is the stark difference between quantity and quality link building. Much as it is hard to get the quality backlinks from renowned websites, a single backlink on such often puts you over the top SEO than 50 links to average websites.

When you get a link to your website in a good website which is reached or accessed by hundreds of millions of people, your website will have a good chance of being visited by thousands of people. On the other hand, to have a backlink on a website that is visited by 1,000 people means that there is a good chance no one will click your link.