Top 5 mistakes to avoid while choosing a personal injury lawyer

by | Nov 16, 2016 | Financial Featured

Your smartness, confidence and belief may simply prove to be wrong during the process of overlooking the importance of “taking” legal help right after the accident. If it is so, then you are not alone as everyone makes mistakes. So, I am coming up with the following post to highlight mistakes to avoid which can be best addressed by a personal injury lawyer:-

Having a belief in your insurance company

Have you ever been in complex accident related situation? I hope not. However, if you have been and going all alone, then legalities and formalities for getting the proper insurance claim compound the problems further. Afterall, an experienced lawyer is bold, brave and confident of dealing with similar cases where insurance companies find it hard to counter the legal claims (backed by facts) of a lawyer.

Forgetting to claim the accident benefits

Mostly, it is the lack of knowledge about the process and the accompanying benefits which may prevent us to ask for a claim. Specifically, in this context, I am talking about the accident benefits which the injured is supposed to ask for. However, we forget to ask, as this claim could have benefitted in the treatment or financially assisting us during the time we are “away from job”.

Showing lack of professionalism by not keeping expense related proofs

Well, accident is the time which may force to you hurriedly purchase medical related services. Do you know that you should keep a track of all the charges which you have paid? Yes, obviously, so that you may claim them which for instance only a lawyer with experience can help you. No matter, whichever part of the world you live in, you need to choose the best service. Yes, I have recommended a Chicago personal injury lawyer to the affected, as that’s my area and I have a pleasant experience towards getting the best service as well.

Don’t show haste to reconcile hurriedly

Injuries which may “not” seem to be serious, scary and long lasting can actually turn out to be so. Yes, making matters worse to it is the accompanying trauma associated with pain and uncertainty to break your confidence. Hence, it may get a “serious beating” in your quest of normalizing your life. Your impulse may want you to hurriedly end the case. However, you need to first make sure the following things

  • Has your doctor properly analyzed your current status?
  • Is he fully confident that no complexities will arise in future?

The reason, why I say is that, I don’t want you to deprive yourself from the compensation which you deserve. Yes, you should give proper time to your medial practitioner so  that you get “appropriate claim” to remove the embarrassment, anxieties and most importantly, you don’t have to repent for showing too haste.

Don’t regard rate of the lawyer as the sole criteria

Usually, lawyers work on contingency fees, with the exception of those who work with graduated fees. Yes, it implies that with the progression of cases, charges may go up which may turn out to be too costly for you. Other factors such as reputation, track record, experience and personal recommendations all goes towards making your choice. These are such “important” criteria’s and if you ask me, then they should never come in between the charges. Since, a lawyer’s worth can be better judged through these qualities as well.


The post is an eye opener for many, who can save themselves from the testing times associated during their journey.

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