How many times have people claimed that you are wasting your time by playing video games? How many times have you been asked to stop playing and put your time to better use? Can you remember the countless times that people have told you that video games damage your brain? Well! Not to worry. Science states otherwise. Scientific studies claim that video games actually help you in reality too. Here are 5 top reasons why you should play video games.

  1. They Help to Develop Problem-Solving Skills

What is common between a good job and a good video game? The former has a tough boss and the later has hard levels. In both cases you have to work extra hard in order to survive. And the work is most often not physical in nature but mental. Video games help you to develop your problem solving skills i.e. it helps in enhancing the analytical skills. May be you’ll fail at the first attempt but you will not give up and continue to be persistent at the job.

  1. Enhance Creativity

Since the rage of video games have been so high among the youth of today, science has taken a special interest in studying the development of gamers by playing these games. It has been found that vigorous gamers have better creativity than the non-gamers. This is because the gamers have to think creatively while crossing one level after the other. In certain levels, gamers have to be creative in order to survive and cross on to the next level. But you have to play hardcore games in order to develop the skills. Puny mobile games won’t do any good.

  1. Video Games Improve Your Mood, are Relaxing, and Reduce Anxiety

Life is very hectic these days. The work pressure is tremendous and maintaining a work life balance often becomes very tough. In this dire times, relaxation becomes very important and video games provide it to you. It provides us with a break from the monotonous world so that we can have a go at the virtual world and do whatever we want to. In the world of video games we are the kings and things go according to how we want to make them go.

  1. Better Hand-Eye Coordination

Video games require immense coordination of your hand and your eye. You have to keep on controlling your jack while keeping your eyes fixed on the screen to make sure that you are on the right track. This provides benefits even in real life. This hand to eye coordination helps in driving because you have to keep your eyes on the road while operating the gears and the steering wheel of your car. It also helps you to multitask as you can engage your eyes and hands in different tasks. With high level gamers, hand eye coordination basically becomes automated and you won’t even have to think about coordinating both.

  1. Help in Teamwork  

Most of the hardcore games that are played are in forms of teams. Be it Dota or NFS or Counterstrike, you will always have to rely on your teammates to win it. Thus video games help you to enhance your team building skills. Along with it your rapport with your teammates will also enhance and you will learn how to better blend into the team. Video games also help in adjusting with various members of the team as it is absolutely essential to be at the top of the game you are playing. Not only that, racing games will also help you to improve your driving and you can play car games for free at much games.

How do you feel? Guilt free? Now that you are well aware of the various benefits of playing video game, you can now play and tell about these benefits to all the people who tell you to reduce your video game addiction.