Setting the right prices takes more than just your motivation to drive maximum profits. In fact, maximization is a largely relative aspect as it depends on a wide range of different parameters. Apart from detailed peer tracking to ascertain the competition, you have to apply unique standards in the valuation of the USP of your product. Furthermore, one must set effective pricing for clearing off wholesale stocks and encouraging bulk buying. Administrative policies such as tax, VAT, and caps also determine the rates set. In addition, discounts, freemiums, free demos, and special offers also require special attention. The success of your enterprise depends on the numbers you set on the products; so, take into account all applicable parameters for the same.


Vital Peer Reviewing

Peer reviewing holds vital significance in setting the prices. How are your competitors faring? In the era of open information, you can access all the facts directly without any sort of espionage, so to say. An online retail manager can simply visit his competitor website to evaluate the pricing, and so can the competitor look into your methods. In all fairness, one must deduct the right value of competitive pricing that clicks as fair enough to the customers. It is necessary to maintain an independent standpoint on peer reviews.

Maintain your uniqueness 

Consider the fact that every company operates under its unique set of circumstances and has a dedicated customer base. The people who would be paying a relatively high price on peer brand value at your competitor website may not find it interesting if you set a similar high range pricing on your products. Retain your uniqueness in furnishing adequate marketing strategies for your brand so that you may focus on expanding your customer base significantly. Try the market sensation approach by providing amazing free offers on a limited time frame, backed by vigorous promotions.

Employ intelligent methods to divert the dedication of your competitor’s customer base. Use applicable products for stock clearance along with new arrivals in the special offers. Evaluating comprehensive big data analytics allow product managers to interpret and apply customer behavior trends in pricing.

About free offers

Although much has been said about free offers, yet it is still one of the best retail marketing strategies. You need to start with a detailed inventory assessment. See the products that are sitting stagnant for a few seasons. To clear them fast, you may need to pep up their presentations as per current market conditions. Invest in new packaging, if you may. Add up the value you invested and combine the stagnant inventory with a running product seamlessly. Experiment with pricing values on new offers to offset the investment on clearing the backlogs.

Competitor pricing factors include partnerships deals as well. When you are partnering with a competitor, you must make sure of a fair division of the profit pie. Coordinate the combined strategies with the other manager, and make sure that the product sells through the now expanded marketing and distribution channels. Different variations such as affiliate marketing, VAT values, local culture, and tax rules also affect the right pricing strategy.