How Your Diet Affects Your Hair

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Health Featured

What you eat every day will have a big impact on the way you look and feel because what you put into your body will be used by your body for various processes. If you eat a poor diet, your overall health will suffer, including the health of your hair. But if you eat the right foods and drink the right beverages, you can nourish every part of your body, including your hair. Continue reading to learn more if you’re interested in knowing how your diet will affect your hair and what you should eat to keep your locks lustrous.

Poor Diet Can Cause Hair Loss

Nutritional deficiencies can cause hair loss, so switching to a healthier diet could help you maintain thicker, longer hair that’s soft and smooth. Getting enough protein, healthy fats, and vitamins, including B vitamins and vitamins K and D, is really important. But you also need to be sure that you’re getting iron and trace minerals like copper, magnesium, and selenium through the foods that you eat and the supplements that you take every day. If you find yourself needing a shampoo for thinning hair, consider changing the way you eat to see if you can manage to improve the health of your hair through your diet.

Poor Diet Can Cause Dry, Brittle Hair

If you have been noticing that your hair is becoming quite dry, you might be deficient in zinc or iron. Also, if you are not getting adequate amounts of vital nutrients, your hair could become brittle and split ends could occur. To combat these problems, you should make it a point to consume plenty of essential fatty acids, as well as enough protein. If you have any doubts about whether or not you are really deficient in protein, however, talk to your doctor and have a blood test done to check your levels.

Poor Diet Can Cause a Dry Scalp

In addition to hair loss and dry hair, poor nutrition can also lead to a dry scalp. If you find that your scalp is flaky, you might not be getting enough fatty acids in your diet, as these are responsible for locking in moisture in your hair and skin. You can get more fatty acids through foods like nuts and avocados, which also provide many other benefits without having to worry about the heavy metal contaminants that are found in fish. And if you have a scalp that’s itchy and red, you might be consuming foods that are too high in sugar and salt. These could alter the oils that are secreted by your hair follicles, resulting in bacteria and dandruff.

As you can see, your diet does have an impact on the health of your scalp and your hair. If you want to have beautiful locks that you are proud to show off, and you want thicker and fuller hair, hone in on your diet first. You may be surprised by how much your hair can change when you start to eat in a way that supports your overall wellbeing.

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