There are millions of people living with some form of inflammatory disorder, such as gout, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and scleroderma. These disorders are almost unbearable to live with, especially when there is a flare up of redness, edema, chronic pain and stiffness. While many people rely on prescription medications to treat their conditions, others prefer safer alternatives. Below, you will discover the best anti-inflammatory supplement available on the market.


Natural Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Just altering your diet can help reduce triggers, related to inflammatory disorders. Most people are not aware of this fact, but according to scientific studies, there are many different types of foods that have natural anti-inflammatories. Of course, most rheumatology specialist will encourage their patients to combine these foods, with their daily drug regimen to receive the maximum results.

It will be in your best interest to avoid foods that contain a high content of saturated fat and sugar. These ingredients will trigger flare-ups, which will lead to severe fatigue, pain and edema.

  • Fatty Fish – Salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel contain a high content of omega-3 fatty acids. This substance is a polyunsaturated fat, which has been proved to reduce inflammation. Most specialist recommend combining fish to your diet at least two to three times a week.
  • Whole Grains – Pastas, cereal and bread made from whole grains will effectively keep inflammation at bay. The main reason for this is because whole grains have a higher content of fiber than refined grains. Fiber has been proven to reduce C-reactive protein levels, which a very prominent marker of inflammation.

Anti-Inflammatory Remedies

Anti-inflammatory prescription drugs can cause mild to moderate side effects. However, if these drugs are taken over a long period of time, this can lead to a stroke, heart attack, anemia and liver problems. This is mainly why people, who have been diagnosed with anti-inflammatory disorders, try to avoid them. Homemade remedies that contain herbs and other ingredients, with anti-inflammatory properties are a much safer alternative.

Garlic has been used in Chinese medicine, even after the development of modern medicine. This herb is capable of reducing inflammation and fighting infection. Its anti-microbial properties make this possible. Another popular anti-inflammatory herb is turmeric, which is often used in Ayurveda medicines. Turmeric’s active ingredient is known as curcumin. According to recent studies, turmeric may potentially reduce inflammation for disorders such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Anti-Inflammatory Natural Medicine

Natural medicines are much safer than modern, scientific medicines. Many of these substances contain herbs and other ingredients that are capable of warding off inflammation. It is a known fact that natural medicine is much more affordable than prescription drugs. This is extremely advantageous, especially for people that do not have healthcare insurance coverage. Another great benefit of herbal medicines is they do not cause adverse reactions. Believe it or not, some adverse reactions can be very severe and cause more problems than one would ever expect.

Natural medications are also very accessible, so you never need to visit a specialist for a prescription. You can find a wide variety of these medicines at your local grocery or retail store and online.