Ways Dental Health Problems Can Impact Overall Health

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Health Featured

There are millions and millions of people all around the world that have poor dental health. Unfortunately, some people simply do not have the money needed to access affordable health care. Others are unable to obtain sufficient insurance and this will make it impossible for them to obtain the services of a skilled dentist. The big problem is the fact that poor dental health can also lead to poor overall health. Believe it or not, poor dental health can actually lead to cardiovascular problems. In fact, dental problems have been linked to strokes and even heart attacks.

Streptococcus is the primary cause of gum disease. When this specific bacterium enters the bloodstream, it will begin to release protein. And of course, this protein will actually promote clotting. In return, this can dramatically increase the patient’s risk of cardiovascular disease. It should also be pointed out that gum disease can have a major impact on the patient’s ability to maintain safe blood sugar levels. For diabetics, gum disease can prove to be enormously risky. The Super Dentists highly recommend that diabetics take extra steps to better protect their teeth and gums.

These individuals need to remain vigilant and visit with their dentists on a regular basis. During the past few years, doctors have begun to closely examine Alzheimer’s disease. The disease has become more prevalent and this has encouraged doctors to find the potential source of the problem as quickly as possible. Some suggest that tech can help Alzheimer’s patients. At the same time, gum disease can substantially increase the risk. Therefore, it is vital to maintain optimum dental health to avoid this problem!

Dental issues are not only detrimental to the individual’s health, but it can also ruin their self-esteem. Missing and decayed teeth, especially in the front are extremely embarrassing, causing the individual to avoid smiling. It has been proven that children with bad teeth suffer not only physical pain, but also bullying from other schoolmates. The only way to prevent poor oral hygiene is with daily brushing, flossing and frequent dental examinations. A study led by Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC showed that children with bad oral hygiene exhibit lower academics performance levels.

Halitosis is also another issue linked to poor dental hygiene. This can be very embarrassing for the individual and very difficult to treat. With daily brushing and flossing will help to reduce the bad odor, it may just not be enough. It is also highly recommended to use breath mints, mouthwash and avoid foods such as garlic. It is also very important to brush the tongue, when you are performing your daily oral hygiene. You can also invest in a tongue scraper to remove any lingering foods or bacteria.

You only get one set of teeth and that is why it is imperative that you take care of them. Most people don’t realize that there are a variety of different health issues that can develop from poor dental hygiene. For one, just look at the digestive side of things. If you have ever had a bad tooth, you already known how painful it can be to chew food on that side of your mouth. Every time food or liquid hits that tooth, it is like a sharp pain is being sent throughout your entire mouth. This can cause you to not chew up the food, which can lead to improper digestion. Eventually, if your teeth will get so bad, it may lead to you not wanting to eat at all.

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