If you’ve been in the game long enough, you’ll know that search engines are now prioritizing secure websites. The trend for better internet security actually started when healthcare service providers and financial institutions began using digital records. Since then, the use of SSL encryption and other security measures has become common, even for personal websites.

When it comes to healthcare sites and portals, every service provider must follow a strict set of standards laid out by HIPAA. The federal law, introduced in 1996, was put in place to make sure all related services, including web portals and electronic health records stored in the cloud, follow the right protocols to ensure maximum patient privacy. These standards are actually easy to follow, according to studies by the University of Cincinnati and its online MHA program, making them suitable for other websites as well.

You can learn more about healthcare information security and how the standards can be applied from the full infographic, Healthcare Legal Policies and Ethics Overview by the University of Cincinnati.

University of Cincinnati Online MHA