Knowing The Extent of Your Car Insurance Coverage Before Making a Road Trip

by | Apr 24, 2017 | Health Featured

Motorists who love to go out for road trip outside their province or country might be wondering whether or not their insurance policies automatically offer coverage while driving in Mexico and the US. Majority of the basic auto insurance policies offer provisions which cover motorists in case they get involved in an accident in another country or in the US.

If you’re opting for an Ontario car insurance policy, you need to know that a Standard Ontario Motor Vehicle Policy involves a set of no-fault benefits which are provided to the insured Ontario motorists in the event of an accident which occurs in Ontario or in the US. Such no-fault benefits may include:

  • Income replacement benefits or caregiver, non-earner benefits
  • Attendant care benefits
  • Medical rehabilitation benefits
  • Death and funeral benefits
  • Lost educational benefits
  • Reimbursement for damaged glasses, clothing and medical devices
  • Potential benefits for home maintenance and housekeeping expenses

What if you plan to drive to Mexico?

If you have been planning on driving to Mexico, you will need to purchase separate auto insurance coverage for Mexico as Ontario auto coverage ceases as soon as you enter the border of Mexico. One can obtain Mexican auto insurance at the Mexican border but the prices are usually steeper than that which you purchase online. Motorists can instead seek help of websites like in order to compare auto insurance quotes and choose the best one. Make sure you purchase the policy and print it before you leave for the trip.

Average increase in rate – What is it that drives up the rates?

Insurance specialists have found out several reasons for driving up insurance rates. What are the main factors which lead to a hike in the rates of insurance policies? Mobile phone usage and distracted driving is one of the biggest reasons for increased accident claims. They say that drivers who are involved in accidents often hesitate to admit that they had been using their phones or texting while driving behind the wheel.

Other vital factors which drive up the auto insurance rates are the increasing amount of technology packed within cars these days like sensors which keep measuring each and every aspect of your driving performance. Research reveals that fixing a damaged bumper costs $1708 more in the year 2016 than what it did few years earlier. Experts even point out that these days more cars are made from steel, aluminium and hence softer materials need expert mechanics to repair.

Traditionally, both individuals and experts hope to see a sharp decline in the number of accidents which occur in a day. They also hope to see a decline in the advanced technology like the driverless systems which have become the main cause behind the frequency of so many accidents. However, due to small penetration, people aren’t able to see too many benefits. There are many insurance company profits which have taken a toll due to the rising number of claims and something really needs to be done about it.

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