Serviced offices: you have probably heard a lot about them but have no clear idea yet of what they can really bring to your business. If you’re still debating whether to rent a serviced office space or not, this one’s definitely for you: here are the top benefits of a serviced office you should know about.

  • More flexibility

Although some serviced offices have a higher rental rate than regular office space, think about this: they give you more flexibility as well. With a serviced office, you can take advantage of more flexible rental agreements, from short-term arrangements to longer-term deals. If you are just starting out, a serviced office may be just what you need simply because it gives you more freedom and lets you be more flexible.

  • A range of facilities and services

Perhaps the best aspect about serviced offices is the fact that they come with a whole range of facilities and services which you otherwise would not get by renting a regular office space. Aside from having an actual physical office, you can get access to facilities and services which include a fully-equipped business centre, meeting and conference rooms, and even assistants and staff. Most serviced offices are equipped with virtually everything you need to run a business – from a ready internet and Wi-Fi connection to telephone connections, office desks and chairs, and more.

  • Different locations with the opportunity to test a new market base

If you have been running your business for a while and are interested in expansion, then a serviced office would be a great way for you test out a new market base. Serviced offices can be found in many different locations, from serviced offices in Camden to Angel to Aldgate and other prime areas in London and its environs, and you can easily take your pick. If you are planning to expand, serviced offices give you the perfect opportunity to test a variety of market bases and locations without investing too much of your hard-earned financial resources (not to mention time and effort as well).

  • No more waiting!

For many businesses, moving into a new location entails downtime – a period when you simply can’t do anything because you are in the midst of arranging everything related to your move. But with a serviced office which is ready to use, you don’t have to suffer through downtime at all. Everything is set up the minute you walk in, from the equipment you need to the communication facilities you require.

Of course, making the right choice regarding a serviced office is crucial, and this is where property experts like Commercial People come in. They’ve even come up with a useful infographic that can help you in your quest for the perfect office, especially if you’re unsure of what exactly to look for. Good luck!

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