Credit: Marc Ruaix

As the riches of the super-elite continue to grow, so do their condos around cityplace that dot city skylines and are full of exotic woods and technologies. From high rise towers in Dubai that feature world class technology to provide you with a rotating living room to condos that have terrace pools so you can swim 25-stories above the city below, the world is home to some incredible complexes. Here are some of my favorite.

One Madison, New York

This building that’s unmissable in the New York City skyline is one of the most expensive properties in the world, costing an astounding $5,000 per square foot. If you get a condo in this stunning 60-story glass tower you’ll have neighbors such as Tom Brady and Rupert Murdoch. The condos in here are incredibly spacious as there are only 53 units, making sure the tenants never have a cramped NYC experience. Inside you’ll find marbled walls, butlers, and a pool.

Stay At The Ritz Carlton

Only asking a meager $2.9 million, this condo is in the heart of Toronto. It features a 2 bedroom corner suite and has about 2,500 square feet. Outside of gorgeous wood flooring, the light fixtures, wine cooler, and other things to gawk at the building is home to your own valet parking, a concierge, a lounge on the 22nd floor to relax and have a drink at, and of course a pool and spa. The other king west penthouse listings are just as insane.

The Bandra Ohm

The Bandra Ohm looks like it’s out of some sci-fi movie and is the home to the villainous society.   By far the coolest feature in this 30-story tall condominium is that each terrace has it’s own swimming pool! The water brushes right up against the side of the building, so you can swim up to the edge and look over the building. It is one of the most unique buildings in the world and will leave anyone speechless.

The Odeon Tower

Another cool looking building like the Bandra Ohm, the Odeon Tower is an impressive 170 feet high and features 360-degree views of Monaco in their floor-to-ceiling condo units. It was deemed the most expensive penthouse in the world because of a price of $400,000. You’ll be able to swim at a pool above the French Riviera, but the coolest part is the hotel has a dance floor with a slide that leads into the pool, allowing for badass parties.

The Pad Residential Tower

Formerly known as The iPad Tower in Dubai, it may just be one of the craziest looking buildings in existence. As can be expected, it aims to be one of the most technologically advanced buildings and has been developed with something known as cybertecture that aims to combine architecture and tech. Inside the apartments you’ll have a rotating living and dining room, you’ll have iWalls so that you can readjust your rooms however you would like them, and very futuristic interior designing.

Clermont Residence

This condominium is located in Singapore and costs around $47 million for a place to call your own in. It’s Singapore tallest building at 951 feet high and holds around 180 apartments, though one in particular is 14,500 square feet that features its own elevator. It’s located in a prime location in the city and is uniquely built, with the Clermont Residence taking up the top half of the Guoco Tower which features luxury officers.

From residence that are designed based off of a mobile device to those who have pool terraces that gaze over the vibrant cityscape, these are some of the most exotic buildings on the planet. They’re jam-packed with the world’s latest technology, interior design, and human ingenuity. It’s mind-blowing what humans can accomplish and what the wealthiest among us can afford to call their home.