It’s possible you bought a car sometimes ago or that you are about to buy one, these are facts you need to know about the auto shipping industry either to help someone out of a rather stressful situation or avoid being gypped.

For quite a number of reasons, you may not be able to walk into a car lot or car dealership and zoom off with the new car you’ve probably purchased. Quite often you will have the need to know how to ship a car for one or a combination of these reasons:

  • You want to re-sell the car and wouldn’t want a mileage put on it.
  • When you bought a car the whole process was like going through a maze and you don’t want a friend to be ripped off.
  • You don’t have enough time to spare and wish to cut out all the stress.
  • You saw an out-of-state used car on the internet and wish to purchase it.
  • A collector from another state or country has that beaut you’ve wanted to acquire.
  • You want to save a lot of money, especially in fueling, when shipping from far distances, like from Florida to Texas a distance of 1,180 miles.
  • You want to hop out to your winter home and want your Porsche out there at your arrival.
  • Somebody out there gave your whip a bang and you need it to be taken to the garage.

Since nobody will teach you these facts in the high school and you will have to resort to picking tidbits from the street, which of course will cost you some bucks, this is, therefore, an opportunity for you to acquire the know-how.

Before we look at the processes involved, I must tell you that the guys in the business are making a real cool dough and that the auto industry is a serious money spinner. Also, there is a great difference between the auto industry and automobile towing services.

An estimated 77.8 million cars are to be sold and shipped in 2017. Matt Chasen, the CEO of uShip says that the for-hire freight market is a $400 billion business, and estimates personal vehicle shipping to rake in $5 billion per year.

You need to carry out a research

There is every reason to find out everything about the company that you want, to ship your car. The company must have credentials and certifications. It must be licensed, insured and bonded. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), stipulates a bond of $75,000, to cover losses and fraud by the shipper and broker.

Demand for a Quote form

You will need to fill a quote form. You are advised to read thoroughly through the quote form. Don’t just rush at the dollar angle especially if you are shipping from outside the country.

The Quote form should include information such as the type of service quoted, the method used (roll on roll off-RORO), shared container or sole 20ft and destination fee which has to do with customs clearance at the port of discharge.

Determine the most suitable method of shipment for your car

There are three methods of auto-shipping cars, the single tow rig, consolidated vehicle shipping and a fully enclosed container. While the tow rig will be cheaper for you, your car may have to suffer some dings, scratches, and dents. The enclosed container will deliver your car in one piece but you need to cough out roughly 60 percent extra.

Pay up

You’ll be required to pay some amount upfront, that’s okay. But do ensure that you don’t pay all the fees, until after delivery. If a company asks for a non-refundable deposit, it’s a phony and you’ve got to run. From the United States to Europe the cost should be between $750 to $2000.

Submit your documents

You will need to submit the documents of your car. You won’t be required to submit the original copies in most cases. However, the original copy of the certificate of title will be needed. In some certain instances, the original Bill of Sale will be demanded as well as your passport or security number.

If you are in Miami, you will require a special notarized power of attorney but this doesn’t obtain in Los Angeles.

Thoroughly inspect your car

You will need to do a comprehensive inspection of your car, the auto shipping industry does so too. Check out any ding, scratch or dent. Take photographs if necessary, this is to ensure that what you shipped is what will be delivered.

From my angle, I’ll advise you go for a broker, since you may not be able to go through all the bureaucracy and don’t hire a driver unless your wallet is stuffed.