What Does Responsible Gambling Mean?

In order to be able to explain what responsible gambling means and for you to understand the risks of gambling and why you need to have full control over it, you need to first understand what gambling is. Gambling entails taking part in a game of uncertainty, where chance plays a very important role and the risk of you losing the money you have bet on these games or things of value is extremely high.

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A major target for gambling is, of course, people over 30 years old who also account for a substantial portion of money spent on gambling across the world. The reason for this is that this segment of age is more vulnerable due to changes and losses at this time of life, where they usually use gambling as a way to escape boredom, for excitement and to escape reality.

What Can You Do – 5 Tips for Responsible Gambling

It is well-known that it is more important to prevent than to treat so here are 5 tips for you to keep your gambling in the safe zone and still play online slots:

  • Set a limit to how much you can afford on gambling

Whether it is a credit card limit, a bank account limit or the actual money you put aside for this form of entertainment, it has to be a fixed amount which you cannot change. Playing at the online Casino might be more tempting since you are doing the transactions online and don’t have an overview over how much you have spent, however, there is also an alternative for this: to set deposit limits on your Casino accounts.

Most Online Casinos adhere to the Fair and Safe Gambling Laws so you should be able to set this limit by yourself when going to your Casino Account. In case you are not able to find this option, simply enter the Support Chat and you will be assisted through the process.

  • When you feel it is too much, take a break

Sometimes, taking a break might be for the best. Whether luck doesn’t show up on your side or you want to make sure you don’t turn your gambling hobby into a bad habit, a break is always welcome. Some Casinos offer you the option to take a break for a certain period of time or self-exclude when you feel you have had too much.

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  • Don’t hide from others that you are gambling

Healthy habits must be harmless to you and the ones close to you. Sharing your hobbies and pleasures with your friends should keep you away from turning this into a problem.

  • Don’t turn gambling into your unique hobby

Don’t forget you also have a social life and other things in life can be more entertaining and fun than gambling.

  • Don’t borrow money from people to pay for your gambling

When you are borrowing money in order to keep gambling, it should be a first sign that you need to stop it until it is too late.