Demand for School Counselors is Growing while Numbers are Shrinking

by | Aug 26, 2017 | Education Feature

The education sector of the economy is always growing as schools and colleges continue to add more positions to cater to an increasingly diverse student body. One such position that is growing in prominence and demand in schools and universities across the country is that of guidance or general counselor. As both high school and college students increasingly ask for both educational and emotional support from counselors, the number of professionals to fill those positions is dwindling. If you are interested in working in a dynamic and people-oriented environment, this career path might be for you.

New Demand for Traditional Counselors

College and universities are currently experiencing a rise in the number of students on campus who are seeking the services of a counselor for emotional or psychological support. The decrease in stigma surrounding treatment for anxiety or depression is now encouraging students to contact counselors at their school’s campus health service center in greater numbers. This type of position allows you to support young people at emotionally fragile times and work in an educationally centered environment. Most college and university counselors require graduate degrees, but with more masters in counseling online programs, it is easier than ever before to attain such qualifications.

High Schools Experience Increased Need for Guidance Counselors

Another counseling position that is now becoming increasingly competitive is high school guidance counselor. High school guidance counselors are falling in number but growing in need. Many students require both the emotional and social service support of guidance counselors, but professionals fulfilling these positions are increasingly in charge of assisting students through the college admissions processes, selecting schools, working on applications, and applying for financial aid. If you love working with young people and want to work in a flexible environment, the time has never been better to apply to a guidance counseling position.

The Road to Becoming a Counselor

Just as the education market is increasingly seeking to hire counselors of all types, there are new options to pursue the education and training to become a counselor. Counselors typically require a graduate-level degree, but many programs offer an online counseling degree that can allow you to pursue this education while still working full-time. One such program that offers a value-based education incorporating individualized attention and an interdisciplinary approach to all aspects of counseling is Regis College. Pursuing a MAC degree online can allow you to pursue jobs within the educational sector but also work in a variety of emergent fields such as social work or healthcare administration, all lucrative career paths that still incorporate a sense of community service.


A career in counseling is a competitive and profitable career choice. There are many paths towards becoming a counselor and a great way to begin is by pursuing online education. Counseling involves giving back to your community and lets you utilize a wide range of skills that ensure each day is different but rewarding. If you’ve ever dreamed of working to make a difference, then counseling is right for you.

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