Demand for Welders Grows While Worker Numbers Plateau

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Jobs Featured

New reports indicate that there are hundreds of quality jobs going unfulfilled each year because there simply aren’t enough trained workers to fill the openings. There are many types of jobs where this phenomenon applies, such as welding, which starts at an impressive $18 to 20 an hour.

At the end of the year, this comes out to around $40,000 per year salary and experienced welders can possibly start out even higher than these opening rates. Since these jobs do not require years and years of training to get started, local leaders are encouraging young people to get started in a welding career.

Ironically, both sides are complaining to local economic development leaders that there aren’t enough jobs or that there aren’t enough workers. “The biggest cry we’ve heard over the last decade has been the need for additional welders,” confirmed Franklin County Area Development Corporation President Michael Ross.

Some businesses have tackled the problem head on by creating their own in-house training programs, such as the manufacturer, Manitowoc, which makes cranes and crane-like equipment. They first began by taking applications from employees to see who might be interested in a new type of profession.

Similarly, reports by Technavio indicate that “the automotive sector is currently undergoing a steady demand, and hence manufacturing activities are on the rise. Car companies are now focusing on providing customers with vehicles that are manufactured with utmost precision.”

This report also indicates that the three emerging trends that are pushing the global welding transformer market are redressing the growing skills gap, creating new materials, and launching a competitive landscape for new technologies to emerge.

In addition to companies starting more in-house programs and the overall rise of welding on a global scale, it’s important for locals to support and encourage young people to consider a certified welder position as a real career option. This is a very beneficial start as there’s no ladder to climb like in other positions.

Every year there are going to be hundreds of openings for welders. Ross also confirmed that there are often 20-25 openings per week for welders in the Hagerstown, Maryland area. “It just never goes down,” said Ross, about the urgent need for welders. “It is a constant need for local manufacturers.”

These jobs aren’t just in large companies and there are plenty of small firms that also need welders day in and day out. This means there are job choices, which are varied in nature, and often design-implemented. As the technology grows, there’s also a chance for new businesses to suddenly hire a welder on the payroll where one wasn’t necessarily needed before.

Some welding schools have training centers where a welder can get a certification without having to drive a long distance to a special school. This helps to put top quality welding jobs within reach for those who never thought they could land such a job that paid so well right out of high school or without years of experience.

Not only is welding a high-paying job to begin with, but it’s also the type of job where lots of overtime is available. If someone becomes a certified welder and wants to really make good money, they can simply take on extra hours whenever available and maybe even make a few thousand dollars extra each month.

These courses will likely involve a 150 to 300-hour course that could last over a six-week period of time, which ends with a certification. Counselors in these courses can help students pick out the classes that work best for them.

CareerTech is just one example of a class where students can get their certification. Their website reads, “ACE IT! Our Adult Continuing Education program provides a broad range of learning opportunities from basic technical training for home projects to advanced certification and licensing leading to high wage earning jobs.”

After choosing the right type of course to become a certified welder, it’s also a good idea to go ahead and start researching awesome welding helmets. Choosing a welding helmet can be challenging, but there are several things to consider and many revolve around quality as well as proper health and safety.

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