Do you want to save some money? Buy a used car. Do you want to lose your nerve? Buy a used car. Literally, no joke, but it’s worth it. Your main task as a second-hand vehicle buyer is to keep your eye out and to remember some rules. The main rule is that license plate lookup is unavoidable for a future lucky used car owner. Our site will help you to perform this task in the best possible way.

So, the choice has already been made, and you’re absolutely sure that this very car will be the best purchase in your life. The only thing you should do is a license plate research. You have several options to do it successfully. But not all of them are fast enough. If you prefer to save not only money but nerves, will be your best assistant. Here you can easily look up a license plate of your destination car. It’s just a matter of several minutes and three simple steps. Type the car’s license plate into the search window, press “Check Now” and enjoy a detailed report. You will see the following data:

  • Fire, flood, hail damage data;
  • Reliable information about car’s mileage; this is very important because many car owners prefer to falsify this issue;
  • The history of accidents and damages of the car. Of course, an average seller will do anything possible to hide the information even about the tiniest damages. Your task is not to buy a pig in a poke.
  • Information about liens (if any). You’ll surely get to know whether the previous car owner used the car as a loan. If the report tells that he did, it’s better that you don’t buy this vehicle and avoid zillions of problems with the law.
  • Service history of the vehicle, which means that you will see how many times the car was inspected or repaired.

The main question a used car buyer is concerned about, sounds like “Is online license lookup safe enough?” The answer is “Yes”. All the searches you perform on our site will be absolutely anonymous. Besides, we provide only legal information and never publish anything more private than the law allows. Our main sources are They are car auctions, NMVTIS, car operators etc.

In What Other Cases Can License Plate Lookup Be Useful?

It’s not a secret that not only potential car buyers need to do a license plate search. For example, the parking place near your house is regularly taken by a stranger and you have no idea who’s that. Or you saw an irresponsible driver on the road who is violating the rules and brings a substantial level of danger to other drivers and pedestrians.

Of course, knowing his or her name would be useful, and you can figure it out by doing a license plate search. Besides, license plate search will help you to make sure that your children are safe after you borrow them your car for a birthday party or whatever.

Remember that safety is above everything and don’t forget to lookup a license plate in every unknown situation.