All comedy fans will have a lot to watch in 2017, as TV and streaming services offers the audience series that will entertain everybody with a good humor and exciting storyline. We already know which of the funniest shows on screens in 2017 worth our attention, at least according to the 69th Emmy Awards.

Modern Family

The series with simple but relevant jokes are great for watching in the evenings when you need to relax and get in the mood after a working day. The audience immediately liked Modern Family, and recently it has been extended for ninth and tenth seasons. The main characters are well thought-out; it is easy to believe that such people could exist in real life because they have both positive and negative personality traits.


A excellent sitcom for family viewing about an African-American family that lives in plenty without serious problems but gets into curious situations. It is not just a number of funny episodes, the task of which is to distract you from routine for 20 minutes; it makes us rethink family values and attitude towards our origin. Black-ish deservedly was nominated for the Emmy Award as an outstanding comedy series.

Silicon Valley

Many talented programmers move to Silicon Valley in search of realization. The protagonist Richard came up with the method of information compression, which can change the world. He applies to big companies to get funding for the invention, but being good at his job, Richard is not stress-resistant and not enterprising. The result of attempts to promote the product is funny and unpredictable events that keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. Silicon Valley and its sharp humor have found the fans mostly among young people.  The list of the best episodes has appeared on RankTopTen website, where you can vote for your favorite and share your opinion.

Master of None

Emmy 2017 included Master of None to the list of Outstanding comedy series. This is a story about a 30-year old man, who still looks for the purpose in life. Aziz Ansari is great for the role of the protagonist; after a few episodes, he causes viewers’ smiles only with his presence on the screen. The character Dev Shah is not really successful actor as well as Joey Tribbiani from the famous sitcom Friends; Dev’s best friends are varmints, who also do not have families and a permanent job. But who told that such kind of life is totally lame? We like being witnesses of this good-natured boy’s routine, and the viewing leaves a good aftertaste.


Atlanta is the most dramatic show, which was among outstanding comedy series at the Emmy ceremony 2017. Donald Glover made the major contribution to the creation of the series. This extremely talented stand comedian is the creator, screenwriter, director, and executive producer of the show, despite playing the lead role. FX announced the extension of the series for the second season almost immediately after the release. Each new episode shows us exciting events from the life of a boy who tries to improve his financial position at the expense of the cousin, a successful rapper.

Emmy Awards 2017

It would be a mistake not to mention the remarkable actors who won the Emmy Award because this year acting at TV shows was on a high level.

Kate McKinnon

This brilliant comedian with wonderful sense humor became the winner in the nomination Outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series for her participation in one of the best entertaining shows Saturday Night Live.

Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones was among the candidates for the Award due to acting in Saturday Night Live as well. Moreover, she is also its scriptwriter; the cooperation with the show was the foundation stone in her career.

Anna Chlumsky

This year, Veep was mentioned many times at the ceremony, and Anna Chlumsky was among contenders for victory. She is one of the central characters, and now we cannot imagine Veep without Amy Brookheimer, always an active and self-confident girl, who has many irons in the fire.

Vanessa Bayer

Saturday Night Live’s secret weapon” left the show after the seventh season, but Emmy Award paid her tribute for the cast of characters she embodied on the screen. I personally will miss Vanessa in SNL.

Judith Light

This stylish actress perfectly played the mother of three children and ex-wife of the main character. Transparent is an amusing story about a respectable man, ex-professor of Political Science, who became transgender. Acted by Judith Light, Shelly Pfefferman is an intelligent woman that just want to be closer to her family.

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is one of Saturday Night Live’s members that stuck in memory due to amazing acting. The actor parodied Donald Trump so well that he just had to become a winner at the ceremony.

Louie Anderson

Only Louie Anderson could cope with the role of the main character’s mother in the comedy show Baskets. He proved his talent as a comedian, who can make everybody cries with laughter.

Tituss Burgress

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt stands out among all series on Netflix channel. This is a sitcom about a girl that tries to adapt to life in New York. Tituss Burgress is one of the best actors; he played Kimmy’s neighbor, who gives a special charm to the sitcom.

Matt Walsh

We know Matt Walsh as an awkward politician Mike McLintock in Veep. The actor’s talent perfectly complements all the other heroes, so Mike became a unique character of the show.

Ty Burrel

Ty Burrel fits the role of a “cool dad” splendidly, and now we cannot even imagine someone instead of him in Modern Family. His hero Phil Dunphy becomes the cause of laughter trying to be a friend to his children but despite this to be taken as an adult.