There has been a great deal of fanfare in relation to the popularity of online video games. To be fair, this industry is indeed growing at a breakneck pace and such momentum shows no signs of slowing down. However, we also need to take into account the very real fact that home-based games are now more appealing than ever before. Let’s take a quick look at the reasons why these “dark horses” are continuing to enjoy success as well as how technology is playing an increasingly important role in their development. You might be surprised at what is taking place.

Not Just for Adults

We should first point out that many home-based games have been specifically designed for children. If parents provide the proper level of supervision, there are a number of unique benefits which can be experienced. A handful of prominent advantages include:

  • Enhanced problem-solving skills.
  • Children can develop their creativity.
  • Games help to strengthen the concept of deductive reasoning.
  • Winning games will foster higher levels of self-esteem.

So, the myth that all games are destructive to childhood development is slowly being dispelled.

Family and Friends

Unlike their modern virtual counterparts, home games tend to be associated with an interaction between friends and family. We will not be forced to communicate with anonymous individuals via an online chat room or a virtual forum. Instead, we can look other players in the eye during competition and enjoy laughs along the way. This can help to strengthen emotional ties while simultaneously reducing the chances of feeling isolated from the world around us. In the event that we need to take a break, no longer will be forced to quit the game entirely. Instead, we can sit back and relax with other players until the game resumes. This is hardly possible when referring to online platforms.

A Healthier Choice

One of the most disturbing trends which has recently come to light is the isolation that many players feel when engaging within the online community. In fact, there have been several instances when individuals remained online for days at a time in order to compete with others. This is unhealthy for a number of reasons. Sleep deprivation will often occur. Staring at a computer screen for hours on end is associated with migraines and long-term eye problems. The mental health of players can even be placed in jeopardy on occasion. The simple truth is that all of these negative results can be eliminated with the hands-on feel associated with home-based entertainment.

Keeping Technology in Mind

We should never make the mistake of believing that home-based games fail to incorporate modern technology into their designs. Several innovators have helped to quell this myth. One example of such a revolution can be seen at poker review site Casingdom. A new game called ‘Shock to the System’ allows up to six players to wear shock-inducing wristbands. Should they make an error or otherwise annoy others, they will receive a mild (and yet very noticeable) electric shock. Talk about enjoying an electrifying poker match!

Home-based games can provide a great deal of fun, excitement and surprises along the way. There are many times when such options are preferred over their digital counterparts. After all, we all need to take a break from the Internet on occasion. As opposed to logging into a cold and distant forum, why not sit back and relax with friends and family? There is no doubt that untold hours of fun await.