Everybody loves movies. Do you remember Alice in Wonderland characters? Such heroes make a book or a movie very entertaining. Its characters are bright as well as mysterious and make us switch our imagination on. While many movies are created just for entertainment, sometimes people want to watch the film with the deeper meaning behind it.  A movie that captivates you and stays with you long after you watch it is the type of movie that makes you analyze your life and provokes frequent discussions. It would be good for you to spend some time watching a thought-provoking movie or picking up an exciting book to read at freebooksummary.com.

We’ve created a best movies list that will make you think about your life or even help you to change some particular aspects of your personality you might want to change. These five inspirational movies ask questions about who we are, what life is, and how we should live and love.

The Case for Christ

The Case for Christ is an awesome movie to watch. This drama is based on a true story that was written by Lee Strobel. The main character, an investigative journalist, wants to get to the bottom of one of the history’s biggest mysteries – the resurrection of Jesus Christ to disprove his wife’s newfound Christian faith, which causes problems within his marriage. He decides to talk with the experts on the resurrection, an agnostic psychologist, and a medical doctor, about the death and a resurrection of Jesus, believing that they would provide him with the information that can refute the foundation of Christianity.

The main essence of the movie is to render the idea that very often people see what they want to see or even do not want to see the truth. People don’t have to be preconceived about new information; they just have to open their hearts and accept the truth the way it is.


Up is a 2009 American 3D computer-animated comedy-adventure film. After watching a film reel in a theater about a famous explorer, Charles Muntz, young Carl Fredricksen, meets a young girl, Ellie who shares his passion for exploration and admiration of Charles Muntz and a desire to move to the top of Paradise Falls in South America. She makes him promise that someday they will go there together. In a few years, Carl and Ellie get married and discover that Ellie is unable to have children. They decide to save money to travel to Paradise Falls. One day, an elderly Ellie gets ill and eventually passes away. Carl understands that they lived happily together, but they haven’t fulfilled their dreams and made a decision to move to the top of Paradise Falls in South America. Carl releases millions of helium balloons into the air which detach his house from its foundation, lifting it over the city and into the sky.

The message sent by the movie is to love one another and to keep the promises ones given to each other. Despite difficulties Carl had in his life, he managed to make the dream of his wife a reality. After wandering, Carl and Ellie’s house has landed right at the spot where it was meant to be: at Paradise Falls, on the cliff overlooking the falls.


The third on the list is epic science fiction film about dystopian future where humanity is struggling to survive. The set takes place in the 21st century, where a series of crop blights on Earth threatens humanity’s survival. A team of NASA scientists, engineers and pilots attempt to find a new habitable planet, via interstellar travel. They want to save the Earth population either using gravity equation or repopulate humanity on a new planet using fertilized eggs.  In order to find a new planet in a distant corner of the universe scientists had to use a wormhole. It wasn’t easy for a crew to execute the operation as they were fighting with the leader of the Lazarus mission which first explored the foreign galaxy.

The movie leads its viewer to the conclusion that someday humanity may be on the brink of extinction. It makes people think that not all inventions are good for the Earth and its creatures. Even the smallest steps towards saving our planet mean a lot for the inhabitants.


Wall-E is one more computer animation. This time it’s a moving comedy with a thought-provoking theme. It is set in a future where the Earth has been abandoned by humans because it is devoid of life and covered with trash. Wall-E is a robot whose job is to clear up the rubbish. He has to take huge risks for love and to save the precious remaining life on earth.

Wall-E makes us think about our planet in a new way. It heightens our awareness of our environment and reminds us of our reliance on it.

Heaven Is For Real

And the last but not the least is Heaven Is For Real. The movie tells us about the four-year-old Colton Burpo, the son of a pastor, who said that he experienced Heaven during emergency surgery. He tells his family about having looked down to see the doctor operating, his mother calling people to pray in the waiting room, and his father in another room yelling at God not to let him die. He also speaks of seeing Jesus, meeting his great-grandfather, who died long before he was born, and his unborn sister that died in a miscarriage.

Of course, it’s almost impossible to believe that such stories are true because there’s no evidence as such. However, the movie makes people think about the meaning of life and what will be after they pass away.

Overall, it might make the best movies of all time list, if you are looking for a story that will make you think about the changes in your life.