Having the opportunity to pick up, move, and start a new life in another state is exciting. Of course, the process does take some time and you will have to pack up all your personal things, lock, stock, and barrel. Plates, utensil, clothes, and files can all be stored neatly and easily in boxes and totes. Cars, trucks, and other vehicles will either need to be driven or transported to your new home and you’ll have to make arrangements in advance. Hiring an auto transport company to ship your cars from one location to another is the ideal way to have your automobiles relocated during a move. You can complete this task simply by using the right service and making plans in the weeks before you relocate.

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How to Get a Quote for Auto Shipping

Even if you only own one car, you can’t drive it to your new home if you’ll also be driving your own moving truck. You could have a friend take the drive for you but you’d also have to supply enough funds for fuel and tolls at the least. If your new home is more than 1,000 miles away, whoever plans to drive your car would also need lodgings. Get a quote for auto transport and see how that would compare to doing things the old-fashioned way. A lot of auto transport companies take more than one car at a time, so they can afford to charge you less than what you’d spend to drive a car from Chicago to California, for instance.

Preparing Your Car for an Interstate Move

Besides showing the auto transport company how to operate your car, you really don’t need a lot of time to prepare to move your car from one state to the next. Have an extra set of keys handy so that you can hold onto the original set and supply the moving company with the spare. It is suggested that you take out anything that may be fragile or heavy in your car, as you don’t want anything to break or weigh down your car during the move. It is also a good idea to have your car serviced before it is transported so that when you get it to your new home it is ready to drive right away.

Checking on Your Vehicles After a Move

While you’re unpacking at your new house, you might see your vehicles being dropped off on the driveway. Alternatively, you may pull up to your new home in your moving truck and see your vehicles already there waiting for you. Since your cars won’t be disassembled in anyway while being transported, they’ll be ready to go and you won’t have trouble putting them to use as soon as they get back into your possession. Just get your keys back and you can immediately start your new life.

When you’ve got a car or two that you want to move long distance, trust an auto transport company that gives fair quotes. Consider the distance and the date on which you plan to move so that you are able to make a fair assessment. Rather than trying to go back and forth and drive your vehicles yourself, this option is fast and inexpensive.