Far from the hustle and bustle of the great American metropolises, the Southwest of the US moves at slower and relaxed pace, deeply tied to its past, but always with a close look at the future. It is a small universe in itself with a melting pot of different cultures and endless breathtaking landscapes. If you want you to explore the most authentic side of the American dream but you are on a budget we got you covered with this little useful guide to have the best road trip through the Southwest USA without spending too much money!

Create your budget

If you’re on a budget, create a detailed schedule to be completely aware of what you can and what you can’t do. Choose a maximum range of money per day so you won’t have any bad surprise at some point of your trip.

Book in advance your flight and accommodation

First things first, before you embark this exciting new adventure you have to be sure you have the best deal on your trip and the accommodation. We usually book our flights and hotel months before our departure and we save a lot of money and we can just relax as these two parts are the primary assets you have to define during a trip!

Compare car rental and find the best option for you

We usually compare care hire before our trip as we can see the best solution and have a more relaxed experience. Inserting basic info such as pick-up and return place and date will start a detailed research of car hire services you can choose with options to find your perfect ride at the best price! We hired our car from the LA airport to start our adventure immediately and saved both our money and time!

Create the perfect route

Grab a map and create the best way to explore Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. With a well-planned route you will be able to optimize both your time and money as you will be aware of the distances and you won’t get stuck into useless back and forth rides all over the places. Trust me; this is a big deal!

Choose wisely during your stay

Try to avoid gas stations or touristic spots to buy some food but, instead try to go for a good shop at some supermarket as you will have everything you need to live your road trip in a serene and relaxed way. Be sure to have some snacks, water and some sandwiches to keep things going and not waste your time!

Trip planning on a road trip through the Southwest USA – across Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico is an incredible way to marvel at the iconic landscapes and the little towns as you are going to cross states and different realities. Having your road trip, with your own car, your own budget and a strategic itinerary and route will give you the chance to live this adventure in an independent, funny and convenient way. We loved it and we are sure you will too!