Road Trip – Traveling Across the US in an RV

by | Nov 23, 2017 | Travel Featured

Planning a road trip in your RV gives you and your family an opportunity to visit several RV parks and campgrounds. It is an adventure that you will remember for a lifetime and it gives you an appreciation for the amazing scenery, variation in states and fun activities available throughout your travels. The United States is a vast nation and planning a trip in your RV to explore the country gives you a rare opportunity to see everything. The challenge is preparing for your trip and limiting the risk of unexpected pitfalls.

Planning for the Costs

The first consideration before starting a trip in your RV is the cost of your travels. RV parks and campgrounds may cost less than staying in a traditional hotel or motel, but they do have some costs associated with the camping experience. You also must be aware of gas costs and other factors that may contribute to the expense of your road trip.

Exact costs associated with traveling through the U.S. in your RV depend on your spending habits. In many cases, the largest cost is the price of gas, which may vary slightly based on your tank and the gas mileage you get in your RV. Expect to spend more than $5,000 in gas expenses throughout your travels.

Staying at RV parks and campgrounds across the U.S. will also vary in cost based on your destination and preferred locations. Private RV parks and campgrounds will usually cost $25 or less per night. Some campgrounds will have significantly lower costs, so you may not spend as much as you expect when you camp. Food costs and other expenses depend on your personal plans. You should also plan for some repairs or unexpected challenges, such as the cost of fixing a fridge or stove on your RV. While it may not need the repairs during your travels, you should plan for the potential costs if an accident or unexpected problem occurs while you travel through different states.

Preparing for your Trip

After ensuring that you have a clear budget and plan for your spending, prepare for your trip. Plan your trip around the campgrounds and ensure that you book your campgrounds in advance to ensure you have a space for your RV. You also want to ensure that you do not drive too far in a single day and risk accidents on the road.

Inform your insurance provider and ask for 24-hour roadside assistance. You also want to ensure that you are clear about your routes and the potential concerns that may arise due to weather conditions, accidents or unexpected events.

Places to Stop on Your Road Trip

When you have a plan for the campgrounds, set aside some funds and planning for your adventures. Plan a visit to the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River when you are driving through Arizona.

Visit New York City and the Statue of Liberty during your time on the East Coast. Consider a visit to a theme park when you plan your trip in Florida or California. See the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco when you travel north through California. Visit Park City, Utah during the winter months for a bit of skiing or snowboarding.

A road trip in your RV gives you a chance to explore some unexpected gems throughout the country. By planning a visit to each state and preparing for the financial costs, you can ensure that you enjoy your trip and have memories that will last for a lifetime.


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