No matter the circumstance, when lawyers get involved, it usually means you’re a resolving a fairly serious situation where you need professional guidance and someone who knows the law inside and out. People often get confused with the difference of “civil” and “criminal” law. Put simply, civil law relates to legal issues that do not involve breaking the law or being accused of any criminal activity, examples include divorces, child custody and real estate claims. Whereas criminal law relates to offenses that break the law of local, state and federal governments, for example drink driving charges, tax evasion and wrongful termination of contracts.

Determining the severity of the incident, legal representatives can go a long way in reducing the potential fines and even imprisonment timeframes. Let’s take a look at some of the situations where you may need professional help; criminal defence lawyers will ensure you have the best team to defend the accusation.

  1. Drink Driving Offences

One of the most common situations where people seek legal advice is DUI, an acronym for drinking under the influence. In recent years, government officials have cracked down on the charges and potential charges associated with drink driving. Consequences may include fines, loss of license and even jail time. Hiring a competent legal advisor who is well renowned in this field can meet with the prosecutor and get the charge reduced, especially if it is your first offense. Going to court without a professional can be legal suicide, you will most likely receive the maximum penalty for the charge which is worst case scenario.

  1. Drug charges

Drug charges are surprisingly common especially as a result from music festivals and are a more serious offense, especially if it is for supply charges. Hiring a public defender is more risky because generally speaking, they tend to have a lot of cases on their tables and look for a plea bargain. Alternatively, private defenders do the dirty work and carefully assess the offense with the full brunt of the law. Often, the first consultations are free and provide payment plans that don’t need to pay up front. The overall result can reduce sentences, fines and even criminal charges if you opt for a private defender.

  1. Law suits

Criminal defence lawyers are experienced with people getting sued over law suits. Their vision is to provide clients with exceptional skills to delivering the best possible outcome and to provide a robust representation. As a result of a deal with money and real estate, you need a professional defendant who knows the system inside and out. The other party will have someone representing them, so you need to get one too. Most of these cases are dealt with in court, but it is important you have an experienced negotiator who is there by your side.

  1. Assaults

Being charged with assault can be a stressful and tormenting experience for both parties. If you’re looking to get someone to represent you, it is important to carefully assess the track record and the result of similar cases. Hiring a professional who has never represented someone who has been accused with an assault charge will likely result in not getting what you want.  It is imperative that your reputation and livelihood are properly looked after by seeking immediate legal advice following an assault charge.

  1. Sex offences

Sex offences are taken very seriously in Australia and can result in large prison sentences following a guilty charge. If you have been interviewed or charged, it is absolutely imperative you seek immediate legal assistance following the developments. If you’re lucky enough to meet with a legal advisor prior to a police interview, it could possibly prevent criminal charges and reduce the severity. These can be sensitive and difficult issues to discuss, you want someone who is both experienced with these types of cases and is extremely professional at the same time.

Seeking legal advice is a very daunting prospect, no matter the circumstance you are caught up in. When dealing with charges that are breaking the local, state and federal law, it is very important to have the best possible private team by your side, public legal advisors are available, however don’t invest as much time and energy into the case. Criminal defence lawyers ensure you are legally represented with extremely experienced members by your side through even the most difficult of times.