The end of a marriage is a heartbreaking time and it is easy to become overwhelmed by emotion. This is not the best mindset to be in when making decisions that are going to affect the rest of your life, but a divorce lawyer in Sydney can help you navigate this trying time.

Divorce can be quite a simple process which does not require legal assistance or court appearances, especially in a separation that has remained civil. Even in these instances, however, it can be beneficial to contact a divorce lawyer in Sydney.

The first question here really is whether there is a difference between a divorce lawyer and a family lawyer, and the answer is a little ambiguous.

A family lawyer works across all issues pertaining to family law, and as such handles divorces, whereas a divorce lawyer is a family lawyer who specialises in that aspect of family law and can’t necessarily help with the other elements of family law that go hand in hand with divorce.

It is always extremely important to do your homework and ensure you find the right lawyer to deal with your divorce. There are law firms who engage divorce lawyers that can also offer expert guidance in matters of child custody and property settlement.

A divorce lawyer is especially important if domestic violence is occurring in the relationships. A specific domestic violence lawyer will guide you in the proper steps to take.


A divorce lawyer is a great source of knowledge and support while you are trying to navigate this situation. They can help explain all of the requirements and legalities in a way that is simple and easy to understand which will help you to avoid becoming overwhelmed in a time that is already so emotionally draining.

It is sometimes hard to know what your rights and entitlements are and a divorce lawyer will be able to help you work through this.

Good legal advice will help you discover the best way to proceed for you; whether that be filing for divorce, organising mediation or undertaking counselling.

Many law firms offer a free initial consultation; this is a great opportunity to make sure you find the right divorce lawyer for you.


A divorce lawyer can help you with filing an Application for Divorce, and ensure you have satisfied all the necessary criteria.

If both parties have already worked out what they are going to do with property and parenting, a divorce lawyer can draw up all the required documentation to formalise the agreement.


Sometimes parties aren’t quite on the same page when it comes to the divorce settlement but want to work together to keep things amicable. This is a great opportunity to engage a collaborative divorce lawyer.

In this instance the separated couple can engage a divorce lawyer together to work with them on the efficient and civil dissolution of their marriage.

If divorcing partners have quite different desires but still want to work together they can hire separate divorce lawyers to engage in a collaborative effort to dissolve the marriage without protracted legal battles.

Property Division

A divorce lawyer has access to information that you may not. In divorce proceedings that aren’t completely transparent, there may be income and assets that aren’t disclosed. A divorce lawyer has tools at their disposal that will discover all income and assets.

It is quite common for some people to try and conceal some assets to appear less well off than in fact they are; a good divorce lawyer will discover them to ensure a fair asset division.

Child Related Issues

It is common for the custody of children to be the most contentious aspect of divorce, even though couples must have been separated for at least 12 months before the divorce application is filed.  The best interests of the children can get lost in what the parents think are their rights or entitlements.

A divorce lawyer can help navigate the minefield of child custody and shared parenting issues. At the end of the day the most important element of all parenting and custody issues when a relationship breaks down is what’s best for the child. It is also the element that can be the most painful.

All too often children become casualties of divorce because their parents are hurt or feeling betrayed. Your divorce lawyer will do their best to ensure the right outcome for you and your children when it comes to matters of custody and parenting rights and responsibilities.

The biggest part of this is child custody but it also encompasses child support, though the Child Support Agency can do an assessment of the minimum legal requirements, and parenting agreements. As well as this, a domestic violence lawyer will fight to ensure that the abuser will never be allowed access to the children.

The best outcome in any divorce proceeding is one that has been reached objectively, not clouded by the emotional storm of marriage dissolution, so engaging the services of a divorce lawyer is going to be beneficial in the long run.

If you are considering divorce but aren’t quite sure, call a divorce lawyer in Sydney to find out your rights, your obligations and how best to proceed.

Do your homework, make use of free initial consultations and be sure to engage the right divorce lawyer for your situation.