Times are tough at the moment and as such, you cannot just rely on your day job for income. Jobs are also not secure anymore with companies laying off workers in an attempt to cut cost and stay afloat. One minute you could be employed and living life to the fullest while the next out of a job and facing the possibility of being evicted from your home. Individuals should, therefore, find ways to make more money so as to secure the financial future and the online space is full of income-generating opportunities that people can exploit.

Technological advancements have brought people closer together and this has allowed them to offer certain services even without being in the same room. People can interact, exchange goods and make payments even when they are worlds apart all thanks to technology. Insurancerevenue.com is one such platform that provides users with the opportunity to make money from the comfort of their homes or offices. With the right skills and a little bit of motivation, you can use technology to make money and this piece takes a look at some of the income-generating activities that are available online.

  1.      Sell stuff online.

If you have a few items that you are not using, then you can decide to sell them to generate some cash. There are a lot of online avenues that allow people to sell their items online such as eBay and Etsy and all you have to do is to take excellent photos of the items you are selling, set the price and wait for interested buyers to show their interest. People are increasingly using the online marketplace to acquire the goods that they need and this makes using such platforms to sell your stuff a great move if you want to generate some quick cash.

Before people could sell stuff online, garage sales were the preferred option for disposing of the items that one didn’t need. Such sales were, however, limited in that one could only sell to his or her immediate neighbors and this usually lowered the prices of the products as the potential customers were few.

When selling stuff online, the unique and vintage the items are the better. People are usually not enthusiastic about second-hand items and you may fail to find buyers for your products if this is what you are offering. Handmade items are a big hit with online shoppers and you will get a lot of customers if you make some jewelry and sell them online.

  1.      Blogging.

If you are passionate about something such as traveling or business, you turn your passion into an income generating venture by blogging about it. You can share your experience on your blog and give your personal opinion on how to do certain things. You should strive to build a huge following for your blog and you can use social media to help you with this. With a huge following, brands will approach you to advertise their products or services on your blog and that is where the money will come from.

  1.      Take part in online surveys.

Brands are always looking for ways to improve their services and it is through online surveys that they are able to get feedback on their products and services. You can, therefore, sign up to take part in the online surveys and get paid for your efforts. The pay is usually not that great and you will have to take part in several of them to make some good cash.

  1.      Online writing.

You can also choose to take up some of the writing jobs that exist online. Organizations are always looking for content for their website and blogs and if you possess excellent writing skills, there is a lot of money to be made from content writing. You can also venture into the academic field where you take up academic writing assignments such as term papers, essays, and technical projects. Academic writing assignments are technical in nature and you should make an effort to learn the different formatting styles before offering your services in that area.


There are a lot of income-generating opportunities online that if harnessed can help individuals make some extra cash and make their lives a little bit better.