prides itself in bringing you the latest information regarding video slot games and in our latest post, we want to elaborate more on a trending topic in the gambling and cryptocurrency industry – why most people prefer playing online slot games as a way of earning Bitcoins.

But before we go into why exactly more and more people are preferring to earn Bitcoins by playing slot games, let’s first describe Bitcoin.

Bitcoin – The New Money That’s Changing How We Live

Better known as the digital cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is an independent monetary system that isn’t controlled by anybody as seen with other currencies. On the contrary, the governance of this cryptocurrency is done by technology – a unique system referred to as the blockchain, which is responsible for creating and transferring the coins anonymously.

The blockchain technology ensures that all the BTC transactions are highly secure and safe. In fact, no human is required to oversee the transaction. Additionally, the transfers can be done within a very short time – usually between 10 minutes to 30 minutes – as opposed to the traditional payment methods and at a very low cost.

These are some of the features that some of the traditional payment methods have failed to address. As such more and more people, including gamblers, are opting to use BTC to carry out transactions online.

Why Do People Choose Slots over Other Games to Earn Bitcoins Online?

Online video slots are a featured attraction across multiple websites. The latest estimate puts video slots at a 60% popularity when compared to other games on offer online. But what features or attributes make this game so popular among elite and newbie bettors? Below are some of the top reasons.

1. They Can Be Played for Free and Real Money and Still Have the Same Features

Do you know that slots are readily available in two gaming modes, namely the play money option and real money option? In the play money option, you can easily practice the game, without having to stake your hard earned cash. Once you are conversant with the game’s rules and theme, you can then go ahead and stake real cash.

How’s this contributed to making the game a popular way of earning Bitcoin? The free to play game mode, which also has all the features offered in real money gives bettors the confidence that they can play and win once they’ve staked their cash.

2. Variety and Diversity

This is something that can only be offered by video slots. While other casino games have 10-30 variants at most, there are more than 2,000 games in total online. These games are produced by different software developers with different themes, in-game features, and playing styles. With variety and diversity comes a problem of choosing but savvy players know this can be used to their advantage and earn Bitcoins.

For example, out of the 2,000+ games, there are more than 50 Wild Wild West themed slots. These games are usually packed with in-game bonus rounds and are very easy to play and win thanks to their low volatility. As such, they can make a very good source of earning Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies online. If you are interested, you may check over 150 free bitcoin slots here, which can be played on your mobile.

3. The Jackpot Factor

There are two types of jackpots that are associated with video slots – the progressive and flat jackpots. Each of these jackpots has different disadvantages and advantages. For instance, while the progressive jackpots can be difficult to hit, they offer very lucrative wins when they pay out. On the other hand, flat jackpots pay out frequently, but the prize they offer is as much as what progressive jackpots have to offer.

In terms of prize money, the progressives are known to pay more than €10 million as seen in some of the popular progressives. This means with an investment of as little as 1 mBTC, you can become an instant internet millionaire by playing any of the jackpot games.

4. The Convenience Factor

This is the most outright advantage of playing slots as a way of earning or winning more Bitcoin. You can easily and seamlessly play your preferred video game on the move using your mobile or tablet device. This means winning Bitcoin on the go without much hassle.

5. Easy and Straightforward to Learn

Unlike other games offered online, which require special beforehand knowledge on how to play and a better understanding of the rules involved, slots are easy to start playing. All it takes is to find a reputable online casino website offering the same, creating an account, making your initial BTC deposit, choosing your desired bet amount and clicking on the spin button. Wait for the results after a few seconds to know whether you are a lucky winner or not.

Depositing & Withdrawing Using BTC

Knowing all these reasons is one thing, but starting to play is yet another thing, especially when it comes to using Bitcoins as the preferred method of payment. Most players shy off using Bitcoin because they believe it’s a complicated way of betting but in essence, it’s as easy as using the traditional forms of payment.

To wind up this brief guide, we have a step by step procedure on how to deposit and withdraw using Bitcoin.


  • Create a Bitcoin wallet. This should enable you to store all your Bitcoins in future.
  • Under the banking options, choose BTC as your preferred method of depositing.
  • Once you’ve selected it, you’ll be prompted to enter a link to your wallet. Copy it from your BTC account and paste it into the field.
  • Click on deposit to complete the transaction.


  • Under the banking section of the casino, click on the withdraw button and select Bitcoin as your preferred option.
  • Enter the amount plus your wallet’s address.
  • Click on withdraw to complete the transaction.

*Not all online casinos support Bitcoin as a payment option but you can try Play Ojo, which is a new casino with a reputation of offering unrivalled gambling services.