Nowadays, it seems like you cannot go anywhere across the world without being greeted by those accustomed Golden Arches. Almost all the McDonald’s are comfortingly alike: ball pits for the kids, cardboard cut-outs of Ronald McDonald, plastic tables, beige floors, and red and yellow colour scheme. Across the planet, though, there are several pretty inventive examples of how imaginative franchise owners blend into their environments.

  1. Tokyo

The Quarter Pounder outlets were McDonald’s trial to find out if they could provide Tokyo people a classier burger experience. ” Exclusive McDonald’s?” you say. Oh, no…. only “Quarter Pounder” – no reference of McDonald’s here. The only choices on the menu were a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese or a Quarter Pounder with cheese. Compared to a random restaurant’s awesome amount of selections, there’s something to be noticed for the simplicity presented here.

  1. Sydney

The Strand place on George Street seems to be more like a study in modern construction than a fast-food joint. Design strong juicy combined printed graphic wall art, bold pops of black, white, pink, and orange, and stylish lounge-like furniture. The steel exterior is attractive, reflecting the interior light. So, on your bucket list, aside from the sunbathe, surf, and see sharks, you should include a visit to McDonald’s for your next trip to Australia.

  1. Malaysia

McDonald outlets in Malaysia take form of the typical franchises around the world. The hearty menu will have you gleaming as they have a wide variety of meals you can select from including kid’s meals. But here’s the twist, McDonald’s here also offers you an English classic dish to enjoy and that is the famous Fish and Chips!

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  1. Dallas, Texas

The World’s Biggest Happy Meal is located in Texas. If you are driving down Montfort Drive in Dallas, Texas, this is the only biggest thing you’ll come across. This huge meal of a building includes massive cups of Coke, towering French fries, huge hamburgers, as well as a playroom in the Happy Meal box. The inside of the restaurant consists of mahogany booths, granite floors, and Ralph Lauren wallpaper. Book your tickets now and head straight to Texas.

  1. Rome

This mosaic- and marble- filled restaurant is among the fanciest McDonald’s locations. This place has become a tourist attraction for a good reason. Yes, because of its reputation. Situated next to the Spanish Steps, this McDonald tries to blend into its very European surroundings. It provides a large salad bar and other items which include the likes of pastries.

  1. Mauritius

Who could have thought that McDonald would offer its delicious service in this small island around the world? The restaurant was first opened in the capital of Mauritius, and now consists of six outlets in total. Since they provide outdoor spaces for lunch/dinner, drive-thru and delivery services, they have won the hearts of many residents of the country. They equally offer playrooms for kids and the famous McDonald’s specialities from around the world.

  1. Ulsan, South Korea

You’ll find a quite small McDonald’s gas station/drive-thru in Ulsan. What makes it special and outstanding is the big wing-like covering over the restaurant. With such type of setting, it is sure to attract anyone. And apparently, it is opened 24/7. If your next destination is set to be in Ulsan, South Korea, then it’s a must to have dinner there.

McDonald has managed to open more than 36,000 locations around the world since it was first launched in 1955. These seven McDonald restaurants above are amongst the coolest where you can have a memorable time!