Road Tripping Through Ohio? 4 Essential Landmarks, Places and Things to Check Out

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Travel Featured

 From the allure of the Great Lakes to its beautiful cityscapes, the Buckeye State is truly a place  to behold for those who’ve never ventured out through the Midwest.

Offering a little bit of everything in terms of culture and geography, Ohio is the perfect slice of Americana for families who want a bit of everything out of their vacations. This is especially true for those who might be passing through for a road trip.

Whether you’re coming from out of state or are looking to rent an RV in Ohio through Outdoorsy, you’re going to need some ideas for your trip to see the state right. Luckily, we’ve outlined some awesome spots for tourists to check out in some way, shape or form throughout your journey.

Super Stake Parks

Ohio’s state park system is definitely one-of-a-kind, which seemingly endless outdoor activities for families to enjoy. For example, consider some of the following Ohio gems that are staples of local nature lovers and out-of-towners alike:

  • Hocking Hills State Park (Logan), providing visitors an opportunity to explore caves, trails and unique rock formations
  • Shawnee State Park (Portsmouth), also known as “The Little Smokies,” this forest park overs dozens of miles of trail for backpackers to trek
  • Geneva State Park (Geneva), offering incredible fishing and watersports for those looking to get wet

Distinct Downtown Districts

In addition to its rural wonders, don’t neglect what the cities and downtown districts of Ohio have to offer. Beyond its storied sports franchises and universities sprinkled throughout the state, consider some other attractions in the following hotspots:

  • Cleveland, often considered Ohio’s go-to city, there are endless things to do in Cleveland year-round in addition to exploring downtown
  • Columbus, boasting a college-town vibe of as a bustling young city with a thriving foodie scene
  • Cincinnati, offering tourists tons to do between its epic Riverwalk, quirky museums and the famed Cincinnati Zoo

Lovely Lake Erie

You can’t call it a trip to Ohio without checking out Lake Erie, right?

Even if you’re not planning on getting out on the water, you should experience the best beaches of Lake Erie’s Ohio coast firsthand. Fair game to visit year-round, there’s a reason why locals can’t get enough of this majestic lake. Pack a picnic, rent a paddleboat or just watch the waves from spots such as the Marblehead Lighthouse: you won’t be disappointed!

Amazing Amish Country

Arguably some of the best of what Ohio has to offer is off the traditional beat-and-path. Definitely not your run-of-the-mill tourist attraction, visiting Amish Country in Holmes County is both fascinating and fun for families who want to experience a blast from the past.

There are constant events going on in the likes of Millersburg which celebrate Amish culture and educate the masses at the same time. Whether it’s a demonstration on beekeeping, making maple syrup or old-school holiday celebrations, there’s always something to see in Amish Country.

Whether you’re traveling solo or with a family, there’s something in Ohio for you. Make sure to mark these spots on your map to look forward to while you’re passing through!


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